Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bronyville In Trouble

I have learned that Bronyville and its accompanying sim Derpy has been taken offline, hit harder than the repeated griefings by bored troublemakers in the past. I hadn't logged in for most of the day, being elsewhere and otherwise indisposed, but then I started to see the notices flow in... "calm down, please"... "we'll get this straightened up..." "attempts to rebuild and salvage are in the works..."

I spoke with three or four people, and at this stage in time many people are not talking. Many of the people "with power" (or whom I assume have power) are just as confused as to what went on and is going on as I am. I spoke with one concerned citizen of Bronyville who had this to say:

[20:50] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: not the slightest, some coup between admins
[20:50] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: I suspect we aren't getting it back though
[20:51] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: Curly got hacked, twinkie and rembrandt got banned for supposedly being the hackers
[20:51] Xymbers Slade: Got hacked, again?
[20:51] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: then the bronies group went ape****, accusing Curly or getting them banned falsely so that he could control everything
[20:51] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: no, not again, the last time he was hacked was what set off these events
[20:51] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: so depending on who you believe
[20:52] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: maybe [Sim Owner] is powerhungry and got the other admin ponies banned
[20:52] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: or maybe its a big misunderstanding
[20:52] Xymbers Slade: Banned from the sim, or Second Life?
[20:52] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: nobody knows what actually happened and is just speculating at this point
[20:52] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: banned from Second Life, which is why the sims are gone
[20:53] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: I barely know any of them so im not gonna make any judgements
[20:53] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: but the place has been a giant dramafest from the start
[20:54] Xymbers Slade: As are most things spawned by 4chan, though... /co/ board or not.
[20:54] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: one conspiracy theory is that a chan hacker got into all the admin's accounts
[20:55] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: and maybe used [Sim Admin]'s computer as a proxy to hack curly
[20:55] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: to get them all turning on each other and fifing off all these bans and ****.
[20:56] Xymbers Slade: Mind if I save this log? I write for a SL blog, and this kind of story will require more than one "eyewitness" opinion.
[20:56] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: I'm far from an eyewitness, I'm just repeating the heresay that ive heard
[20:56] Xymbers Slade: I'll list it as hearsay then if I write an article on it.
[20:57] [Concerned Bronyville Citizen]: nobody that actually knows what is going on has spoken about it, except maybe [Sim Owner] who had a meeting to tell their side of the story earlier today

Speaking with one of the "Brony Royal Guard" (if titles can be believed):

[21:20] [Brony Royal Guard]: The canned response is:
[21:21] [Brony Royal Guard]: The Bronyville and Derpy sims are offline while Lindens investigate [Sim owner]'s account trouble. The sims may go back online, but we will probably need to find a new owner/sponsor. The worst case scenario is that the sims will go back online for a short period of time (a week?) for people to pick up their items before going offline permanently.

A few minutes before walking away from what appeared to be a little group meeting held on another sim nearby to discuss the untidy turn of events, a notice went out that essentially said "Attempts are being made to salvage Bronyville and Derpy (if it can be done everyone will get a voice on if we should save it or lose it; Funding attepts are being made as well; Once stages 1 and 2 are done everyone will get to choose who they want to lead the sim and who they want as admins."

By "Funding" I am assuming a new sim, which makes me think Bronyville, at least in its current incarnation, is not going to come back. That last bit has me worried. "Choose who they want to lead the sim"? It makes me wonder what kind of drama and politics were being played with behind the scenes.

Now, I had a small plot on Bronyville which I just renewed. If the sim goes down for the count, there goes a few thousand $L down the drain. I had nothing truly "of value" on the plot so I will lose nothing if it disappears from the Grid, but it was a nice home away from home. Others spent hours or weeks or months on the build, getting it just right. I can't imagine how they must be feeling right now.

The moment I know anything more, I'll report it here on the SL Newser.

Xymbers Slade

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  1. Something similar happened at an old neighborhood in Second Life I had a place in. It was taken care of, though the place was closed anyway a few months later.