Friday, August 30, 2013

Reader Submitted: "Sexual Etiquette"

By Nydia Tungsten

Okay, this article is going to give the editor a frickin' heart attack as he tries to find a safe way to reword this, so the sensitive people won't have their butts tighten up so tight it deprives them of air at the sight of the name of a sexual organ. But the subject is long overdue, so if you are ready …

Yes, a lot of people some to Second Life to live out their teenage fantasies of sexual prowess. And if they are able to find likeminded people, no problem. But when you go looking, have some class!

I have been in Second Life for four years, and I can tell you there are some dense pervs out there. I have had a male (human) walk up to me on a nude beach and ask me on the spot if I was interested in getting intimate, and another (fur) saying in quite descriptive terms what he wanted to do with me.

Don't think it's just the male half of the population where this behavior comes from. I have had females Instant-Message me, and tell me how they couldn't wait to … I shudder at the language some use.

I can't speak for every female in Second Life, or males for that matter. But not everyone comes to Second Life to be a sex toy. If you see someone attractive, get to know them first before offering to do the "horizontal tango" out on the dance floor. Show some class and just talk first. You would be surprised you *may* find someone you can actually care for.

There are a *lot* of nude beaches here in Second Life that are *not* for sexual trolling. People just like to show off their avatar skins that they work so hard on, *not* to get hit on. And for the love of all that's holy, if you see a couple cuddling a beach or someplace, never, and I mean NEVER assume that just because they are out in the open that it is an invitation to join.

There are *plenty* of sims devoted to sex and kinks of all kinds. If that's where you want to go, more power to you. But if you're not in one of those sims, treat people like you do in real life. Respect them. and you may be surprised that they will respect you too.

But be warned, I own sims and administer a lot more. If I see any inappropriate behavior, you will be banned. You would not be the first, or the last, and I am not the only one who feels this way.

So pervs beware, we're watching you now.

Nydia Tungsten

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Greed in Stores

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    Yes, I know greedy store owners are not a new thing, however some of them have gone above others and have reached almost the pinnacle of greed. These store owners have basically been using their customers, just to get more linden. Whether by a so called "discount group," selling upgrades, or through other means.

    One store, which I will not name, I have visited, has lots of avatars, weapons, and avatar accessories, for extremely high prices. These prices are so high, they will turn people away at the first sight of them. However, rather than lower the prices, the owner of the store simply made a group, and gave a 90% discount on everything in the store, to all group members. A lot of people would have been overjoyed, if it wasn't for one small problem. To join the group, it costs L$ 3000.

This is a problem for quite a few reasons, one of them being the fact that most people will only buy one or two items from a store, unless it's a well known store with low prices. This means that people would actually be paying more for the product, at this store, since the prices are too high, and it's not really well known, also only a few products, at this store are decent. The second problem being the cost to join the group isn't the only fee. There is also a L$ 1000 weekly fee to stay in the group. This would be ok, if it was going towards the store, which, not surprisingly, it isn't. In fact I doubt the owner of the store has spent any of it on the store, considering the fact that I have watched this store for a while now, to see if the prices go down, and after 2 months, there hasn't been a single change. It makes me wonder where all that linden is going, seeing as how the group is getting about 5 new members a day.

    Another store sells avatars, and clothing. Of course, these products use scripts and they do require upgrades every now and then. However, unlike most upgrades, which are free, these upgrades cost, for the first upgrade, the same amount as the product, and then the price is double the previous price, for each upgrade after the first. A lot of these upgrades shouldn't even cost anything, since most of them either just replace invisiprims with alphas, or they upgrade the coloring, slightly. If the upgrades added new parts to them, or added new buttons to the hud, that would be worth paying for. However these charge people a lot of linden, for a small thing that they could do themselves.

    I guess these people, and others like them, believe that everyone else is around, to provide them with linden. This is just a tip, you may want to do research about people before you buy from them. If it seems too good to be true, it most definitely is.

Theonlyjohnny Resident

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marketplace Problems

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    I, like most people in Second Life, see the marketplace as a useful tool, which can be used by all. However, there are a few problems that I wish to discuss. These problems clutter the marketplace, and make it hard to find what people want.

    The first problem is the overwhelming number of Demos. Demos were originally used for trying before you buy. They were great, however now there are way too many demos in the marketplace. In fact, typing the word Demo in the marketplace search will result in 105,878 items that either are demos, or have demos. This means that just searching demo will result in approximately 52,939. Of course, this number isn't the actual number of demos, which is a much higher number, however, it does show how demos have practically taken over the marketplace. Also, some of the demos are not specified as demos, but they are demo versions of items in the sellers store.

    The next problem is of greed. Not just in outrageous prices, but also in the sale of items that should be free. Upon searching for various objects in the marketplace, I have discovered many items being sold for prices that they do not deserve. One such item, a pair of boots (which I will not give the name of), that have nothing special about them, no texture change hud, no color change hud, they are one prim each, and yet their price is a staggering L$ 5000. This price is well out of most people's price range, and those that can afford them, wouldn't buy them because they aren't even full perm, nor do they have a cool design. Another thing I have noticed, is that people are actually selling their demos for linden. Demos were meant to be Try before you Buy, and it has angered quite a few people, since they don't want to spend linden on something that isn't even the full product.

    The third problem is that of lies and half-truths. A lot of people have many products, without pictures, but the product isn't what the seller said it was. I have experienced this when I bought what I had thought was a couch, however, it turned out to be a notecard mocking me. This is against the TOS, however it is still being done, and a lot of people have made quick bucks doing this, cheating people out of lindens.

    These problems, and many more, make the marketplace a place where people need to be cautious of what they buy. My suggestion is that you always read the review, and if an object doesn't have a review, make sure it has a pic, if there are no pics, or reviews, but it is free, then it is safe to buy. Otherwise, don't buy it. If the seller doesn't have the time to put up a pic, you shouldn't waste your time, as it could be too good to be true.

Theonlyjohnny Resident

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Breezes Thoughts: The Wolf - Part 2

I woke in a daze, I had been thrown from my horse as he stumbled while jumping a fence.My head was spinning and there were flashes of light, when all of a sudden, a big dark shadow appeared  coming near me. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw my Wolfie, warily coming to me.  I saw his yellow eyes glaring around, I had blood on my gown and the look in his eyes was a sight to see. He was snarling and snapping his teeth. The howl he let loose was a mournful sound.He hunched over to lift my head and then he gathered me in his powerful limbs, he stood, and looked around very carefully.  He sensed the hunters were looking for me. I had not returned to my home for quite a spell.  If the hunters saw him carrying me, they would shoot to kill of this I know.  They would never believe this werewolf was actually caring for me.

The darkness hid him well, but soon the day would break  and he must be hidden away.    I wondered what he could look like beneath that skin of a werewolf.  How do I know he must be a fine man to care this much to risk his life to take me home.

Well, I had read my books of history and discovered many things I never understood before. Taking account of  humans and such,  I know there is good and bad  among everything on this earth. I feel no evil when Wolfie is around. knowing he probably would not be pleased with the name I called him.

He loped quickly through the trees and  crossed many roads as fast as could be.  We came to home, and quickly he rushed me to my room  and lay me down with a sadness in his eyes, I looked at him and weakly said, "Run for your life now... please do go." growling, he turned away.

I later  heard a great howling atop the mountains not to far away. I knew he was letting me know he was safe  and this gives me great happiness. who else can say of this from a creature hardly none do know. 

Breezes Babii

Monday, August 12, 2013

Commentary: Lucky Eggs - The Image, The Truth

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    Lucky Eggs are something that can only be classified as a sploder. The creator of the eggs insists that they are different from sploders in many ways. However, a sploder is defined as an object that you pay linden to, in order to win more linden, from an accumulated pot.

    A lot of people enjoy them. However some people realized that Lucky Eggs are truly 'lucky' eggs. They determined this, when they themselves were playing lucky eggs, and discovered that the majority of Lucky Eggs winners were at a few specific clubs. A lot of times, the same people would win consecutively, from the same location. This raised the question, "Are the eggs really fair? They don't seem to be random, given the fact that most of the winners were at the same places. So, are they truly fair?"

    Well I tried to answer this question, using just what I know, at first. This lead me to two possible answers to how the Lucky Eggs prizes are distributed. The first, and more probable, the Lucky Eggs scripts are written to give people a better chance of winning, at certain places. This would mean that the Lucky Eggs are not fair at all, due to the slant in the probability. The second answer, and the less likely one, the lucky egg prizes are chosen by someone, and sent to the winners. This would mean that there is a possibility of favoritism, which would throw fairness out the window.

    Another thing I noticed, is that each time someone pays a lucky egg, it gives them an empty egg. This is not to show that you paid the lucky egg. The reason for this egg is so the lucky eggs can skirt past the TOS rules about gambling. The egg is the key to opening a loop hole for the lucky eggs to pass through. According to the rules about gambling, everyone must have an equal chance to win. However, since they provide the egg, then the rule doesn't apply, due to the fact that it's not considered a 'game', by the TOS, it's considered a vendor.

    This shows how instead of fixing their morals, the lucky eggs people would rather bend the rules in their favor. Lucky Eggs may be wrong in morality, but they have made sure that their Lucky Eggs cannot be banned, by working their way through the loopholes. Another thing that makes people mad, is the fact that in the Lucky Eggs group, it says they are totally free. This is not true, because in order to participate in them you need to pay L$ 50. In order to join the Lucky Eggs group, there is a fee of L$ 100. When you place a lucky egg in your land, you have to pay 90% of your earnings, to the Lucky Eggs group.

    Another thing they say in their description is that it is 100% legal. If it really was 100% legal, why would they need to say that? In my opinion, they only say that to try and convince people of a lie. I see Lucky Eggs as immoral and wrong, and have basically been a way to take people's lindens, just to give them to other people.

    Given what I've told you, it is up to you to decide whether they're worth it.

Theonlyjohnny Resident

Friday, August 9, 2013

Breezes Thoughts: The Wolf

Working hard all day, stressing from outlaws running around ... and  lawmen trying to outsmart those rotten cowards, who rather rob then work, I stumble on the long dusty road to my beautiful land of streams and gardens on which my neice and her husband let me live . Dinner was waiting but ... but good grief, I saw this creature stand by my horse, he turned and was upon his beautiful mount. A werewolf no less did I see.  My eyes were wide with fright,  ,  his fangs were glistening white as can be.. Gnashing and snapping  at me, he tried to frighten me away, I knew he be  hungry as he eyed my horse.

No man nor beast will get too close to me or my horse. His name is "I am Man", a Pet now. I raised him from birth.

Hands on hip I looked this beastie in his eyes  straight away, he growled and snapped at me. Though I was truly scared, I show no fear. Wolfie decides this human was a different brave lady and lowered his body to sit afore me. I signed in relief and sat near him.

We watched the apples fall from the tree. I took one and bit into it, so he would see it was tasty. I handed one to wolfie, he turned his head in disgust.  I know he wanted bloody meat, but not to be tonight.

He was so tired and morning would bring the hunters, following his trail. He rose, looking back and somehow I knew I had made a friend.

Breezes Babii