Friday, May 10, 2024

The Circle Mental Health

By Gemma Cleanslate

This busy weekend there is a most interesting conference at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds with The Circle Mental Health . 

May is Mental Health Month so it is a good time to think about it for ourselves and others. Take a look at the Conference page where the schedule is listed and try to stop over at the fairgrounds . The build is lovely.

Virtual Ability is represented there also. You can see their schedule here:

Remember that over at Health Island there are so many resources on health every month and of course this month is focusing on mental health. 

There are tips on maintaining mental health, boosting your resilience . Climate change and mental health, the elderly and youth and more. The topics of displays on Health Island change every month.

There is also the permanent walkway, The Path of Support where all the groups dealing with various issues of certain diseases or concerns are kept for anyone seeking support in second life.

When you land check out the breathing exercise on the back wall .
Gemma Cleanslate