Friday, December 26, 2014

“What Is Christmas Really About?”

By Locke Esgal

    The holidays are here again, and I just wanted to say a little something about them.

See, a lot of people ask “What is Christmas really about?” Now, this might seem like a cheesy line that's been repeated throughout every Christmas movie ever...It's about spending time with your loved ones. I've seen people argue that it's about the gifts, both giving and receiving. I've even seen some who firmly believe things such as not being able to celebrate the holidays unless you are a die-hard religious person.

    See, I firmly believe that all of that is secondary to the true purpose of the season, Family and friends. Companionship and camaraderie. Grab yourselves a cup of nog, or even hot cocoa, throw on a sappy holiday movie and plot your group's collective fannies on the couch and enjoy the time you've got before school or work picks back up and you all end up busy again! Heck, if everyone's busy anyway, just send them some a bit of cheer. A text, a phone call, or even popping in for a cup of coffee. You never know, you might just make someone's holiday a little bit brighter.

    Celebrating on the Grid? Why not find a holiday sim to visit with friends! Or, grab an in world TV and snuggle up with your loved ones and watch some holiday movies. So long as you enjoy the season with those you care about, it doesn't matter where or how you celebrate it. Plus, you can find yourself some holiday themed avis, or just a really ugly mesh sweater!

    Not in the mood yourself? As a former professionally trained humbug, I can relate. It took me a while to learn this lesson, but I found the holiday stress practically melting away when I realized that the only things that truly matter this time of year is friends, family and maybe that cocoa. Just look for the bright spots and hold them as tight as you can. The bad stuff will pass eventually, just you wait.

    So, just remember, celebrate these holidays with your loved ones and make them as merry as you can. Don't let the bad stuff get you down and, from the bottom of my heart, have ...

Happy Holidays.

Locke Esgal

Monday, December 15, 2014

Virtual Horseback Riding

By Wesley Regenbogen

A few days ago Hope Driftwood taught me how to ride my virtual horse Silver Fire for the first time. I must admit it was quite an experience ! How I rode my virtual horse, I will explain you later in this article. Let me first show you the stats of my virtual horse Silver Fire first ( at the moment of writing, it might be changed after it ) :
Silver Fire
Version 5.0
Age 24
Gender male
Nourishment 1%
Energy 77%
Happiness 92%
Fervor 100%
Coat: Silver Mecklenburger
Eye: Fire Element
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
Coat Gleam High
Hair Gleam High
Coat Luster Low
Coat Gloom
Hair Gloom
Coat Opal
Hair Opal
Hoof Kiwi
Ear Style Half Droop Left
Wing: Wild Turkey
These stats look very good, right ? I thought so as well. I hope Silver Fire stays that way.
How to ride a virtual horse in Second Life :
First you need to take the horse into your inventory, so if you are at the horse box, you need to click your virtual horse and then choose “Take” in the menu that appears. Once it’s in your inventory you will need to rezz it somewhere before you can ride it. If it’s rezzed out, you will need to ride it, but that’s easy enough.
You need to click the virtual horse and “Add” it to your avatar, DON’T “Wear” it, because that will NOT work. Once you “Added” your virtual horse you will see your avatar sitting on the virtual horse.
Moving your virtual horse around is as easy as moving your avatar around, with the plain ol’ arrow keys on your keyboard, not the ones on your number pad, though. If you would like to go forward, you will need to tap the “up” key on the keyboard. If you want to gallop, double tap the “up” key and keep it pressed. You will hear the sound of a horse going into gallop.
In my personal opinion, I find that it’s not hard at all to ride a virtual horse. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy, trust me. If you ever buy a virtual horse and it’s over age 9, you can ride it.
If you have questions about getting, managing or riding a virtual horse, you can contact Hope Driftwood and ask her about it.
Conclusion :
Riding virtual horses isn’t that hard to learn and once you get the hang of it, it’s quite awesome. It’s like with everything in Second Life, the first time you need to adjust a bit to the new things. At first I thought, ”It's going to be difficult to ride my virtual horse”. But Hope Driftwood guided me step-by-step and afterwards, I though “Well, that wasn’t difficult at all”.
So, you see, it’s not hard at all. If you get yourself a virtual horse, follow the instructions above ( if it’s the same with the virtual horse you bought, of course ) and then you are on your way in no time.
So, happy virtual horseback riding !
Wesley Regenbogen

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Man On The Street" Responses to the Furry Convention Gas Leak

By Locke Esgal

Earlier this week, we here at the Newser found a terrible bit of news passed across our desks. A chlorine gas attack was launched against the Midwest Furfest convention, injuring 19 people and endangering hundreds more. Police on the scene believe that this was an intentional act, while some believe that this was deliberately to target furries, considering the 'hatedom' that the furry fandom has. This has even begun to fuel the belief that other fandoms with a notable hater followings. I've traveled around the grid to find some views on the matter. Several answered, but most asked to remain anonymous. One stallion had said when I asked for his comments. “Furries don't bother anyone. They mostly keep to themselves and don't go shoving it down people's throats.”

     While some believe we might see a trend in vicious attacks against fandoms, many believe that this is going to be a one time event. Thing, both a brony and a furry, said, “It's a pretty nasty thing to do, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it was anything serious. It sounds to me like a couple of guys wanted to be a smarmy and chose a really dumb, potentially harmful way of going about it.” The weapon of choice, chlorine gas, has a history of being used as a chemical weapon, but has notably less lethality then other home-made options. Despite this, it can still be very deadly if deployed correctly. Fortunately, this didn't end up being the case at Furfest.

    Many questions still remain unanswered. While there are a lot of theories, the most prevalent being that this was fueled by the hatred some hold for the fandom, there are still other possibilities. One interviewee said “Perhaps there were people against the convention itself, but let's not forget that some people like to get revenge against another.” Regardless of the motivations behind this attack, nineteen victims were hospitalized from this cruel act. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, and we here at the Newser wish them a speedy recovery.

Locke Esgal