Thursday, January 12, 2023

Reader Submitted Pictures: At The Linden Snowball Fight

 Zada Bury, noted for her "Drivers of SL" videos, sent the Newser some pictures of last month's Linden Snowball fight. "The moles was nearly the whole time around," she would say

For those who don't know, this is a reference to an old joke about optimistic people trying to find something great in the dirtiest of places. Yellow snowballs, that's fighting dirty!

At the end, there was a time out for a group photo.

A picture with names.


 Zada would also take a video of the first melee (click here if the footage does not show).

And would take another of the second one (click here if the footage does not show), and near the end, a friendly jab at a certain reporter who cartooned what she was wearing , "You got this time also a pun 'on you' "

Zada Burry, with comments from Bixyl Shuftan