Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Premier Business Center

By Dancerina Starlight 


Premier Business Center


PBC is a Multicultural Global Virtual Business Park where business owners meet, market, network, collaborate, socialize, build groups, and have discussions, based on business needs.  The Premier Business Center (PBC) has been quite busy the last quarter of 2022 and sprinted into the first quarter of 2023 with vigor, purpose, and intent.  Since its inception in 2013, PBC has hosted many events on varying business and social levels and has the following and support of other business ventures to show its imprint and impression in Second Life (SL).  There are many things to see, do, build, design, and capture in SL.  Residents from all over the globe contribute to SL using their skills, gifts, talents, and other resources to keep the grid relevant and impactful.  


For this reason, PBC exists, to add to that body of contribution; ensuring to impact those who are drawn to its vision, mission, and agenda.  It took a visionary with confidence and grit to embark on a monumental task of creating a one-stop sim that meets the needs of business minded professionals, associates, and friends.  As a Twenty-First Century virtual think tank, it is also a place where people convene to strategize, problem solve, innovate, and develop new ways of meeting the needs of the SL community.   For those who have experienced the PBC energy, they reverberate the impact it has had in their personal and business space and growth.   Agreeably, this makes PBC one of " The best place in SL for networking, marketing, exploring, and/or dancing the night away! 


It is an SL jewel located in the chiseled, mountainous, properly aligned skyline, skirted with splashing river water, on the mainland.  Formally, its infrastructure comprises, The Convention Center, The PBC Talk Show, The PBC Night time Show, Theater, Memorials, Condominiums, Hotels, Office Space, Apartments, Writer's Den, Artist's Loft, PBC Waterfall Karaoke Bar, Diner, The Botanical Garden, PBC Performance Hall, PBC Blue Lagoon,  The JardenAlexis Frozen Lake@ PBC, The Cultural Arts Center, The PBC House of Prayer, and The PBC Mid City Concert Stage.  


The sim is open to the public for tours twenty-four hours a day and are scheduled through JardenAlexis.  


Some aspects of the constructs are available for partnership or use with mutual agreement.  It is a place and space where ventures utilize in partnership to meet goals for real life causes.  It touches every facet of business, education, and social, which serve as conduits to build a bridge between both worlds whereby it aids real life experiences and causes by creating direct linkage for meeting non-profit and foundation financial goals to solve real world social issues. Thus, PBC serves as a resourceful pipeline that connects people with real organizations, such as One Billion Dollar Rising, Disaster Relief Funds and many more to ensure financial resources are a two-way experience between SL residents and real organizations. PBC practices the clean hands method and only serve as knowledge base operation, connecting people with direct access.   Primarily, when JardenAlexis (Jarden) birth PBC, she intended in an SL and real-life way to promote growth and empowerment for people in both worlds.


Jarden Alexis


Who is the brainchild behind this virtual think tank?  Meeting the brainchild behind this SL virtual think tank and conglomeration is certainly not like meeting a stranger. Her kind, warm, inviting, open-minded, business-minded, forward-thinking, captivating, and impressive demeanor draws people to her.  Jarden is the Owner and Founder of Virtual Executive Assistants (VEA) and PBC.  The VEA is a Global Virtual Executive Administrative Service that provides administrative, marketing, promoting, creative, and consultation services, to a global network of busy business owners or individuals.


She finds enjoyment in planning and creating inspirational, motivational, and educational events. She meticulously plans events to educate, empower, and foster growth in the SL world. She brings awareness and fosters social and professional relationships in so many different arenas and that is very impressive.  I believe most who know her, know what and how much she does. Her time, commitment, and investments are commendable. There is one thing she does that continues to do that captures my attention, and that is she leans in, reaches over, extends a hand, and gives handshakes to others who are doing great things as she and who are aspiring to do the same as she.   


She has worked in spaces such as Second Life Birthday (SLB) and Burn2.  She is a judge for Color of Couture (COC), Miss Virtual World (MVW), DOT-BE FASHION - MAN OF THE YEAR (MOTY) and Parallel Universe Productions, and The Viral Voice Season.  She is a widely sought after partner in SL and enjoys every moment with each partnership.  She is kept busy in SL, not just operating her own business and partnerships, but also working with others and assisting as they work toward their goals.  She is not considered a sim sitter, meaning sits and enjoys her own sim, but Jarden works among other like-minded professional ins SL.  


In her free time, you can find her building on her PBC Sim, supporting others, shopping or exploring the SL Grid.  Also, nestled somewhere, on the same sim, though you might not be able to find her, as it is a private nook, she is building a private haven-- a place where she can sometimes retire to relax, relate, and release in quite space.  Jarden knows and understands that one person is not an island and invites others, their ideas, talents, gifts, and all they have to offer to PBC as well as what they bring with their own think tank.


Living up to its motto, "to motivate, educate and inspire, in the past, and particularly in the last two quarters including the latter part of 2022 and onset of 2023, PBC has been in full swing, as usual, hosting annual PBC events as well as engaging in partnerships.  Annually, PBC supports the SL and RL community by offering events to educate and motivate its supporters and business partners. During the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter in 2023, Jarden was kept busy meeting, planning, and hosting multiple events.  The PBC's 2022 fourth quarter exited the year having yielded four successful events from fall through bitterly cold days in the winter; inspiring Jarden to plan from Fright to Freezing activities for all to enjoy.  With a loud ring into a new year, PBC was joined by over 100 guests at intervals, to welcome 2023! The energy continued with numerous events, including a memorial. With March being Women's Month Jarden hosted her annual Women's Luncheon.  As we look back to each quarter, we can't help but to delineate the great work Jarden does in the SL community:


Quarter Four 2022 and Quarter One 2023 Timeline


Saturday, October 29, 2022
:  Fright Night @PBC with three Spooktacular DJs, Haunted House, Escape Room, Food, Fun and so much more!

 Sunday, December 4, 2022:  In collaboration with Denyaii' La'oro's Unleased Journey Honoring Dragon McMaster's and the La'oro unleashed ladies and gents dance troupe! Denyaii took the audience down memory lane as she and guest performers who have worked with Dragon and La'oro unleashed and showcased some of her most popular choreographed routines created while dancing with La oro at Phoenix, Elysium and PBC!


Saturday, December 17, 2022: 
A Christmas Party for Family and Friends on one of the coldest nights to hit the USA this winter! It was a night for Ice Skating, hot chocolate and some wonderful music @ PBC Frozen Lake.


Saturday, December 31, 2022:
 The PBC New Year's Eve Central Standard Time (CST) countdown The PBC Frozen Lake.  Guests had the choice to ice skate or dance the night away and countdown together!!!


Sunday, January 22, 2023:
  Encore! Encore from the December 4th Tribute! Denyaii's La Oro's Unleashed Ladies and Gents Tribute "Denyaii's Journey into The Past." It was so nice; it was unleashed twice! It was another great event just like the first time around.  She ended both shows with La Oro's famed Soul Train Line that turns into a Block Party which includes audience participation! It was an exciting show and Tribute to La Oro's Unleashed Ladies and Gents.


Sunday, January 29, 2023:
  The PBC Black History Month was a great kickoff! Approximately 100 or more guests for the opening and many more for the walk-through for THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT TIMELINE EXHIBIT @ PBC Performance Hall!  Guests explored the exhibits, listened to great music, ate and enjoyed the ambiance! BLACK HISTORY IS AMERICAN HISTORY!!!


Tuesday, January 31, 2023
:  Remembering a dear family member and someone who worked very closely with PBC, an artist and intuitive soul. Her SL family remember here through libation done by Denyaii, release of balloons and doves, tributes, memories, and dancing.  REMEMBRANCE OF INDEA VAHER ON HER ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!


Sunday, February 12, 2023:
  The One Billion Rising Awareness at PBC MidCities with The Baptiste Family Foundation (KariNoelle Baptiste) and PBC (JardenAlexis) was a major success with guests receiving T-Shirts to commemorate the event.  "One Billion Rising is the biggest mass action to end violence against women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence) in human history."

 Sunday, February 19, 2023:  The PBC Disaster Relief Awareness hosted PBC's MidCities, served to meet the recovery needs of the Major earthquakes which hit south-east Turkey and the north-west region of Syria on 6 February 2023." At the time, the earthquake death toll surpassed 46,000.  There were 4.6 million children in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey and more than 2.5 million children affected in Syria.  More than 84,000 buildings have been severely damaged, need urgent demolition, or collapsed.  Jarden provided resources for SL residents to reach out and help through direct linkage!

 Sunday, March 4, 2023:  PBC International Women’s Day IWD) Luncheon was a great success for PBC.  Using the real-world theme of #EmbraceEquity, three guest speakers inspired and invoked guests to #EmbraceEquity.  As usual, Jarden's team was present to support and ensure the IWD was a success:  From the start of the event with the Greeters Monrocie Pontecorvo, and Lovie Benoir to the IWD prayer by Lovie, and the IWD History given by KariNoelle Baptiste, in addition to the messages by the guest speakers, every word spoken at this event was uplifting, motivational, educational, powerful, and very inspiring! To top it off our DJ Lyrical Lynn kept it going with her amazing uplifting and empowering music for the after party meet and greet!! This was one of the Best PBC events!!!  (JardenAlexis)

Two quarters in review are just some of the planning of PBC. From 2013 to 2023, Ms. Jarden Alexis has touched many sims, corners, and business in the existence of PBC. And, from what we understand, she plans to continue working hard to do her part as she approaches the PBC 10-Year Anniversary in the fall.  It is left to be seen what she will reveal for PBC moving forward. If you were to sit and have a chat with her, she would tell you, "I couldn't do this alone." She always acknowledges those who work alongside her.  


She is always appreciative of the Second Life Newser; Bixyl Shufan and Gemma Cleanslate for their continued support.  Other support includes FRIENDS OF PBC (PBC Sponsors):  Lovie Benoir Dancerina Starlight, and Karinoelle Baptiste.  Others who have supported PBC's efforts, assisted occasionally in the areas of photography, social media posts, greeting, and building are:  ƘαɾιƝoεʟʟε Bαρтıƨтε (karinoelle)- Photography, social media; TealaE- Photography, Social Media; and King Panda Baptiste (preppymercedes) - social media.   She also acknowledges those who have invariably greeted at events:  Lovie Benoir, Dancerina Starlight, Rhyme Gardner, Trina Minxy Ƈσяℓєσηє (juanita.petrovic), and Monrocie Pontecorvo.  She also credits building efforts to Divine Collingwood Finest.


The Premier Business Center goes above and beyond to provide lasting, positive, and memorable experiences. It operationally strives for excellence while enjoying the process.   Jarden is humbled to be the brainchild, force, and founder of PBC.   Please contact JardenAlexis for further information, collaboration, or to schedule the PBC Tour!  You can find her on Facebook to view many pictures from all her events as well as those with whom she collaborates with respective events.  We wish Jarden Alexis and PBC a HAPPY PRE-TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!


Dancerina Starlight