Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Reaching Out and Remembrance

By Fritter Enzyme,

Depression is inevitable.

With things the way they are now it truly is. All of us are effected. I see so many online seeking friends to talk with. So many want to help, real problems require real assistance. I must state at the start, seek professional help. Below I will list some resources. They will lead to others. Depression comes to us all but not en masse and for this long. Other than wars we haven't dealt with times like these. There is much help is online, but as we recoup our lives we can again meet face to face. I hate to even mention the loss of pets during this time.

Holidays have been disturbed, traditions dropped, loved ones separated. Not like there isn't plenty of craziness other than the virus. We will want to have the past back, but things will not be the same.

Hot lines are a good way to seek help, if not in person. They can give you resources to fit your life and needs. But again, trained professional workers.

Some have told me they have no insurance. When I was without insurance I went through my county health department. Call 411 for First Call for Help. They can lead you to agencies to work with. Call 911 if it is an emergency!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Survivors of Suicide in Second Life

SOS - Survivors Of Suicide, Legenda (46, 58, 22) - Moderate

Veteran suicide prevention

To connect with a Veterans Crisis Line responder anytime day or night:

There are places in Second Life to grieve and set up memorials:

Linden Memorial Park Candle Beach, San Michele (76, 152, 20) – General

CARTHAGE MEMORIAL, Carthage (51, 149, 46) – Moderate

Living Memories Memorial Garden, The Sardar (6, 101, 21) - Moderate

Fritter Enzyme