Friday, May 29, 2015

Commentary: "Get a Job"

Dear  Beautiful Bunnies,

Are you new to this lovely place that we call Secondlife and find that you can only afford to be a wish list shopper? I see it everyday, people wandering around looking into the windows of the shops. Wishing that they had a few linden to shell out for this or that. Not wanting to spend real world money on digital goods. When I ask them why so broke, they simply tell me that they cannot find a way to get lindens here in Secondlife.

Well, just like the real world; there are jobs. Who Knew?! But, where can you find one of these jobs you might ask. And do I have what it takes to do one of these jobs. That depends on the job in question and You! Lets start from the beginning.

Where do you find this thing called a job? That's the easy part. There are several groups and places right here in-world whose sole purpose is to connect job seekers with employers. Amazing right?! Try typing 'Job' in search. You might be blown away at what pops up.

Looking in-world not quite your style? Try the forum. That's right, Secondlife has an employment forum where people post positions that they want filled and you can post that you are looking for employment too.

"But Syndra", You might ask, "What kind of job could I get?"

That depends. What are you good at? If you can write, there are often people looking for reviewers, bloggers, and all around general authors.

How are you emoting skills? There are literally hundreds of clubs looking to fill positions of dancers and if you are really good, perhaps an escort.

Like greeting people? Then try a host or a hostess job. Say 'hello' and make sure everyone is having a fantastic time.

Modeling, DJing, photography or even roleplaying wait staff. The opportunities are literally endless, all you have to do is look and give it a try.

Don't be shy, and ask lots of questions. Those pockets won't fill themselves. And remember, you might not always land the perfect job on the first try; But keep Trying!

~Love Syndra

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