Friday, August 30, 2013

Reader Submitted: "Sexual Etiquette"

By Nydia Tungsten

Okay, this article is going to give the editor a frickin' heart attack as he tries to find a safe way to reword this, so the sensitive people won't have their butts tighten up so tight it deprives them of air at the sight of the name of a sexual organ. But the subject is long overdue, so if you are ready …

Yes, a lot of people some to Second Life to live out their teenage fantasies of sexual prowess. And if they are able to find likeminded people, no problem. But when you go looking, have some class!

I have been in Second Life for four years, and I can tell you there are some dense pervs out there. I have had a male (human) walk up to me on a nude beach and ask me on the spot if I was interested in getting intimate, and another (fur) saying in quite descriptive terms what he wanted to do with me.

Don't think it's just the male half of the population where this behavior comes from. I have had females Instant-Message me, and tell me how they couldn't wait to … I shudder at the language some use.

I can't speak for every female in Second Life, or males for that matter. But not everyone comes to Second Life to be a sex toy. If you see someone attractive, get to know them first before offering to do the "horizontal tango" out on the dance floor. Show some class and just talk first. You would be surprised you *may* find someone you can actually care for.

There are a *lot* of nude beaches here in Second Life that are *not* for sexual trolling. People just like to show off their avatar skins that they work so hard on, *not* to get hit on. And for the love of all that's holy, if you see a couple cuddling a beach or someplace, never, and I mean NEVER assume that just because they are out in the open that it is an invitation to join.

There are *plenty* of sims devoted to sex and kinks of all kinds. If that's where you want to go, more power to you. But if you're not in one of those sims, treat people like you do in real life. Respect them. and you may be surprised that they will respect you too.

But be warned, I own sims and administer a lot more. If I see any inappropriate behavior, you will be banned. You would not be the first, or the last, and I am not the only one who feels this way.

So pervs beware, we're watching you now.

Nydia Tungsten


  1. Great stuff Nydia!!!! So true, and you can be dressed completely too and still get invited to the ultimate dance!!

  2. Thank you. For quite a while I had to put in my profile that I was definitely not interested in sex, as I used to get "invitations" anywhere other than the two main sims I first frequented when starting out.

    Also, now that I know that you have a safe nude beach, I may have to look for it after I get my selkie skin made.

    1. Look for me in world and I will be glad to show you more safe areas