Friday, August 9, 2013

Breezes Thoughts: The Wolf

Working hard all day, stressing from outlaws running around ... and  lawmen trying to outsmart those rotten cowards, who rather rob then work, I stumble on the long dusty road to my beautiful land of streams and gardens on which my neice and her husband let me live . Dinner was waiting but ... but good grief, I saw this creature stand by my horse, he turned and was upon his beautiful mount. A werewolf no less did I see.  My eyes were wide with fright,  ,  his fangs were glistening white as can be.. Gnashing and snapping  at me, he tried to frighten me away, I knew he be  hungry as he eyed my horse.

No man nor beast will get too close to me or my horse. His name is "I am Man", a Pet now. I raised him from birth.

Hands on hip I looked this beastie in his eyes  straight away, he growled and snapped at me. Though I was truly scared, I show no fear. Wolfie decides this human was a different brave lady and lowered his body to sit afore me. I signed in relief and sat near him.

We watched the apples fall from the tree. I took one and bit into it, so he would see it was tasty. I handed one to wolfie, he turned his head in disgust.  I know he wanted bloody meat, but not to be tonight.

He was so tired and morning would bring the hunters, following his trail. He rose, looking back and somehow I knew I had made a friend.

Breezes Babii

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