Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marketplace Problems

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    I, like most people in Second Life, see the marketplace as a useful tool, which can be used by all. However, there are a few problems that I wish to discuss. These problems clutter the marketplace, and make it hard to find what people want.

    The first problem is the overwhelming number of Demos. Demos were originally used for trying before you buy. They were great, however now there are way too many demos in the marketplace. In fact, typing the word Demo in the marketplace search will result in 105,878 items that either are demos, or have demos. This means that just searching demo will result in approximately 52,939. Of course, this number isn't the actual number of demos, which is a much higher number, however, it does show how demos have practically taken over the marketplace. Also, some of the demos are not specified as demos, but they are demo versions of items in the sellers store.

    The next problem is of greed. Not just in outrageous prices, but also in the sale of items that should be free. Upon searching for various objects in the marketplace, I have discovered many items being sold for prices that they do not deserve. One such item, a pair of boots (which I will not give the name of), that have nothing special about them, no texture change hud, no color change hud, they are one prim each, and yet their price is a staggering L$ 5000. This price is well out of most people's price range, and those that can afford them, wouldn't buy them because they aren't even full perm, nor do they have a cool design. Another thing I have noticed, is that people are actually selling their demos for linden. Demos were meant to be Try before you Buy, and it has angered quite a few people, since they don't want to spend linden on something that isn't even the full product.

    The third problem is that of lies and half-truths. A lot of people have many products, without pictures, but the product isn't what the seller said it was. I have experienced this when I bought what I had thought was a couch, however, it turned out to be a notecard mocking me. This is against the TOS, however it is still being done, and a lot of people have made quick bucks doing this, cheating people out of lindens.

    These problems, and many more, make the marketplace a place where people need to be cautious of what they buy. My suggestion is that you always read the review, and if an object doesn't have a review, make sure it has a pic, if there are no pics, or reviews, but it is free, then it is safe to buy. Otherwise, don't buy it. If the seller doesn't have the time to put up a pic, you shouldn't waste your time, as it could be too good to be true.

Theonlyjohnny Resident

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  1. A few ways you can help combat this terrible injustices to an otherwise very convenient shopping experience. Not only do you read EVERYTHING about the product, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Take advantage of ads that offer a link in-world to demo the product before you buy it. Use the product's rating system and report every product that does not live up to it's ad or has cheated you. But before you do, please give the owner a chance to correct it because it could be an honest mistake. And, most importantly, rate the product when it is good! This will help support and promote all the good and legitimate products that are on Marketplace