Friday, November 22, 2019

One SL Music Video Maker's Reaction to COPPA

By Bixyl Shuftan

This week, there's been quite a bit of talk among some Second Life residents about COPPA, or Child Online Privacy Protection Act, and what recent changes and actions could mean to filmmakers who post on Youtube. Recently the law was cited by the Federal Trade Commission in enacting a $170 million dollar fine on Youtube. Youtube reacted by announcing a plan that required all makers of videos aimed at a child audience to label them as such. This left people wondering what would be considered aimed at children, and if something could be considered as such no matter what the content creator did to say otherwise. The plan was pretty vague on the subject.

One such Youtube content creator is Nydia Tungsten. For years, she has made numerous music videos on Second Life. Hearing the news and seeing some videos made about the subject, she made an announcement on Monday November 18 in several groups that she was seriously considering taking her videos from Youtube due to these recent changes.

Angel Productions on Indefinite Leave

Due to the FTC becoming involved with Youtube and the possible ramifications, I am looking into ether shutting down my videos channel or moving it. if you want to DL one of our videos do it now.  I MAY be moving platforms, but I don't know which one if any I will go with yet. it has been a fun ride and I thank you all for your support.

Thanks for the memories

On Discord, she would reference a video done by J House Law.

Soon after, I went to talk to her about the issue. She told me, "I have already noticed a major change in some of the Youtubers I watch. To help maintain their non child friendly perception, they have stopped censoring themselves on what they say. One of them have have even said while cursing, 'this will help us against COPPA,' while they were playing the game.

Nydia went on, "First Youtube hits us with 'You will be demonetized if your content isn't "family friendly" .' So we all comply, sugar coating everything for those easily offended. NOW they are telling us not only will be demonetized ( because if you mark your videos kid friendly you lose 90% of that videos income) but FINED over $42K if you mark it incorrectly. All because parents can't be bothered to raise their crotch goblins the rest of us are forced to do it for them!

"I am looking for alternate sites to play my videos on, not too excited about what I have seen so far." When I asked Nydia about Vimeo, she told me she didn't know enough about it, "The issue is, if the FTC sees a video and THEY determine that it appeals to children, and marked NOT for children, they will fine the creator. (All) because Youtube doesn't want to stop gathering DATA on it's viewers. THAT is what kicked this off to begin with.

"Youtube got hammered by the FTC for over 170 million dollars for collecting data on children, that were using Youtube because Mommy and Daddy couldn't be bothered to create their crotch goblin a child Youtube account. So Youtube in corporate fashion is side stepping any more responsibility by throwing it's creators under the bus and painting FTC targets on our backs.

"So no matter if a video maker says, 'This is not for kids,' " I asked, "he or she can still be slapped with such a heavy fine?" "According to everything I am seeing, yes," Nydia answered, "Like I said, this isn't the first time Youtube has screwed it's creators over. I am sorry if I am coming across a bit harsh, but we have ALL but so much work into these videos. And it is tearing me up so much just thinking of doing this. You KNOW the FTC will be actively hunting to make an example out of someone. With as vague as that wording is, they will get someone FAST!"

Nydia went on, "So instead of more 'family friendly' content, they are going to end up with cussing monkeys or constantly broke channels." She mentioned Yogscast's Minecraft videos, who was adding a lot more profinity to the videos, "It is a tactic to avoid being 'kid friendly.' The FTC can't ding them for appealing to children if they are swearing."

So what would have to happen for Nydia to feel comfortable about adding videos to Youtube again? She answered, "Only the FTC rewording this law so the creators are more protected." What did she feel would be the consequences of this move? She felt, "A lot of great creative creators will leave and just stop. Youtube will become full of cursing monkies and child friendly content will disappear because there is no money in it. And kids will STILL be watching it because hey, the Internet is the ultimate babysitter right?"

Going back to alternatives to Youtube, she told me, "Several people have recommended I put my Videos on Pornhub, because evidently Pornhub would like to take in all the traffic from formats that are being strangled by the 'protect the children's babysitter' mentality as well. I will be looking there. I am just concerned with how many viewers will have a problem going to a known porn site for my little music videos."

"Something else youtube is doing and I think it is to drive child friendly creators out is IF they are marked for children,  viewers can not up vote, comment mark to watch later or save or even favorite that video. so the creators get NO FEED BACK. none what so ever. and I see no reason for that at all. is that because all of those actions are tracked? is THAT the detail to which we are being mined for our data?"

Nydia had to take care of something in real life, so our interview came to a close. She would later message me, saying in one of the videos about COPPA she had watched, "it shows that children's videos will be hidden, 'They will not send out notices saying that a video is out that videos will be un searchable.' Then HOW will they ever be seen? so youtube is punishing children's video creators by hiding their videos?"

Nydia would later post in several Second Life groups the following message.

I would like to thank everyone for all your support of my channel and for helping me by working so hard to make some great videos,  we had a great time and it was a fun ride while it lasted. I am truly sorry for this happening. I will be trying to back up everything I have up now, and if you want to down load anything, do it now. I may be putting them in drop box for down loading, but that might take a while.

She would also announce on some Discord groups the following:

I just left a comment on the FTC's page about Coppa:

I create Videos for youtube, and these new regulations  are going to kill a lot of family friendly content. it will in the end encourage channels to "up" their videos out of the family friendly range to a more mature range just to make sure they will comply. Add to that parents that use the internet as a baby sitting tool will leave children exposed to more of the harsher side of the internet. if you want to truly help the children and protect them, have the parents take more responsibility for what they expose their children to with out a thought. to much legislation has been enacted that takes the responsibility of parenting off of the parents, and harming others on how they make their living, affecting them adversely through no fault of their own. youtube currently has a child viewer for the children to watch content for then and protect them. make it the parents responsibility to use it.

Please do the same.

People have until December 9 to leave comments.

When I last talked to Nydia about the issue, on Thursday November 21, she told me she would start taking down her videos from Youtube on December 1. She was considering two platforms to move them to: Pornhub and Vimeo.

So for one music video maker in Second Life, changes in the law and how it applies to the most popular platform mean it can no longer be used without risk. After over five years of doing videos, she feels she will have to give it up.

Sources: Youtube, The Verge

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Parents can't handle their own "crotch Goblins" because they lack the ability to accept responsibility and rather live in the land of sunshine and rainbows.

  2. Hey sis try making ur own website for ur vids if u like help setting it up I have a friend that I can ask to help you pornhub does have a few furs like u that's been posting vids on there one good thing is pronhub dont care if ur vids have nude or no nude vids