Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Commentary: Second Life Is Dead, Long Live Second Life

By Cyfir (Cyfiremmerich)

Over the past two years, I’ve struggled to honestly see the point of Second Life, but for some reason I keep logging in and stay logged in. I believe that mostly has to do with me now owning a store (as well as being in a long distance relationship). I’ve always looked at Second Life as a social platform, and as I’ve witnessed the social aspects of Second Life dwindle, I’ve equated that to Second Life dying out. I mean, it would make sense. Social networks come and go. Since the Internet’s inception, the popularity of platforms seem to dwindle over time in favor of new platforms.

This begs the question then of why people still log in. Sims sit empty while Linden Labs collects on the rent. Clubs seem to pop up overnight just to go away a few months later. There doesn’t seem to be a point in trying to build a social space anymore unless you’re already established and have the equity to ride things out. But I believe that everything has shifted to creation rather than it being a social platform. Even though the bulk of my sales are on Marketplace and I just view my in-world stores as advertising, people still line up in droves outside of big shopping events like the Gacha Guild.

You see, Second Life has something that many social platforms don’t have and that’s a near boundless ability for talented creators to create and have others enjoy their creations. This is why it has survived this long. The Marketplace is still popular and the viewer itself has become just a way for many people to enjoy those creations and to create things for themselves and others.



  1. When I was in 2L, I didn't work on any buildings so much as I worked on my avatar. I wanted a real cartoon angel bear that could fly (with wings) and a number of such other slightly supernatural things as skating on any surface with skate blades that grow out of his foot paws. No social platform lets you do this quite like 2L and its open source counterparts.

  2. I so agree Cyfir. It is an amazing place and so far I still log in everyday to write, explore, and enjoy some new and old events that are available to enjoy.

  3. Gee i dout its dead, SL is always changing.. giggles.. I for one likes to see what different folks of SL can come up with, Some of its really goods, Some of it isn't but I've been logging in since 01/29/2008 .. I almost been there 12 years.. Loves to explore the grids, an enjoy the Familys an Friends i've made there over time, I still log in.. giggles