Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reader Submitted: Game Review "World of Tanks"

By Nydia Tungsten

This is my first attempt to right a “review” if you will. Now while I claim to be a gamer, I do NOT claim to be a good one. I game to have fun, NOT to prove I am the best. I am more than likely to complement you on the way you killed me than to cuss the fact that you killed me. Hell it’s how we learn.

THAT said, you will now know where I am coming from gaming wise. And I hope you try every game I review to see for yourself. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. Just remember what games are for, having fun, and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

I started playing World Of Tanks, or WoT to those who play a lot and I do. A few months ago, it was recommended to me by Jessicabelle Dayafter, whom I have the privilege of playing with.

You can download it here: . Be prepared to wait a bit there is a LOT to download, but it is WELL worth the wait. The graphics are fantastic, and if you enjoy first person shooters you will like this one.

You start off with “tier one” tanks the lowest level and earliest ever made tanks as the “T1 Cunningham.” The higher you progress in the ranks, or “tiers,” the more modern the tanks become.  The load out of ammo consists of “Armor piercing” and “HEAT” rounds as to be expected. But they also have “gold” rounds, which will do at least a third more in damage. But here is the catch. In order to have “gold” rounds you need to buy them, and risk being called a “wallet warrior” by other players.

It is the same for “Premium” tanks such as one of my favorites the “TOG II.” It is by far the slowest tank on the battle field and doesn’t do the most damage either. But it DOES have one of the highest hit points in the game, but weak armor so it can’t go toe to toe with almost anything. Then why do I like it? Easy, remember what I said at the beginning? IT’S FUN!

Once the other players see a TOG on the list the good natured comments start flying, “we have a whale”, “No fair you have a battleship!” “I bet I could park on your back and you would STILL have room to move your turret!” and they go on, and I play into it whole heartedly, “The HMS White Vixen reporting for duty!” I call out to the other players.

This is strictly a PvP game, 15 tanks on each side face off and slug it out. You have the “Heavy” class as well as the “Medium,” “Tank Destroyer,” “Light,” and “Artillery.” So you have to find your niche in the game. There is a bit of thinking as well, knowing what rounds go best with what barrel on what tank, etc. There are TONS of videos on “How To’s”  to learn from, or just jump in with both feet and start blasting away.

Now like ANY MMO you will have the “Game Gods” that know everything, and are not shy to tell you how much of a “Noob” you are as their battered tank husk burns across the battlefield. Take my advice and ignore them and just have fun.

And if you come across me on the battlefield,  remember to do one thing…..DUCK!!

Nydia Tungsten

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