Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reader Submitted: Castle Dark Haven

by Theonlyjohnny Resident

I found this place when I was looking for just a good place to hang out. I will be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed, at first, by the amount of visitors I saw at the club. The dance floor was filled, as were all the seats.

The DJ was rocking the stream better than I have seen anyone else. I immediately came to the conclusion that no one could follow such a great DJ. That was soon proven wrong. All of the DJs have performed the best I have ever seen a DJ perform.

Unlike other clubs, where either only one or two people say hello, I was welcomed by everyone there. I did apply for a job, on my first visit, but was amazed to find that, instead of turning me down, they let me know that I did not meet the requirements of the job. However, they DID give me a shot at being a host, and I was hired.

Be warned, this is an Adult furry club. However, it's not the kind of adult club that is about sexuality and what not. Furrys, and humans alike, come here to hear great music, and just have fun. No one is turned away, and everyone is treated as if they're family.

The design of the club is not simple, and is actually very complex, with each brick having a slightly different texture than the rest (Yes I have looked at the bricks, ha-ha). And the placement of everything is precise and shows how much work was truly put into this club. Even the placement of the dance poles, which are open to everyone as are the tip jars next to them, show that this was not just a random make. It was designed to perfection.

All in all I give this club,

Originality: 5 of 5
Design and Look: 5 of 5
Music: 5 of 5
Staff: 5 of 5
Owner involvement: 4 of 5

In total 24 of 25


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