Friday, August 26, 2022

Burn ONe's Waterworld

By Bixyl Shuftan

Over the weekend from Friday August 19 to Sunday August 21, Burn ONe's "Waterworld" event took place. The event was a tribute to the 1995 post-apocalyptic movie in which the ocean levels have risen to the point of covering the entire planet. Those humans that survived the dwindling amount of land had to adapt by living at and off the sea, some on ships and boats, others on floating communities called "atolls" that are often centers of trading. 

All the land from the Baker Beach build weeks ago was gone. There were two spots one could land on the sim. One was a ship known as "The Deez" (the old Exxon Valdez, which in real life would be sold and later scraped years after the movie). 

 The other was the atoll, which I never really heard a name for.

Quite a bit of work went into it. No single artist was involved, but a number.

Underwater wasn't forgotten, and some builds were placed there. 

The highest point, which was probably a lookout tower.

Boats would go in and out through the front gates. 

There was a game area, which was in use one time I dropped by.

"Home sweet hovel."

Not quite sure what the people in the "Waterworld" movie would have thought of video arcade games.

I guess one would be calling the other side of the town. 

More than just fish for food, thanks to someone being able to get dirt of the ocean floor.

Looks like some builder decided to get a head.  

Still able to have treats.

Looking at the gate from the boat area.

The edge of the event area. Those who didn't want to dance could sit. 

There were gifts available to people.

During the three-day event itself, there would be a number of dance parties, with DJs playing music. 

With avatars of different kinds showing up.

Some dressed up for a water party of a different theme.

Burners being Burners, there were a few fire bombs tossed around. 

Among the DJs there was Grease Coakes

Someone tried flying the float plane during his session. 

 At Midnight of each of the three days, there would be a showing of the movie.

Mia Wallace, who was part of the event, would make a list of others involved.

WATERWORLDS BUILDERS & CONTRIBUTORs  who all collaborated to co-create a Waterworld Art Installation @ Burn ONe!
Ray, Mia, Xiija, Belli, Trinity, Sophie, Miranda, Vesi, Cobbie, Seraphe, Minka, Laurelle, Grease Coakes, Wisdom, Vickie, Zoren, Beasil, Lyric & Magii, Ron & Mocha, Nim & Jce, ELBY, Xiled, larree, Herbie, Panda

The build will last a few more days, at least until Monday August 29. I haven't heard of any future plans for Highup. So it's possible with the presumed burning of the atoll, the sim becomes much like the waterlike void sims and soon joins them. 
As for what's next for the Burn ONe group, there's talk of a summer solstice event for next year. What will they do before that. That remains to be planned out.
Addition: More pictures of Bunrn ON's Waterworld :

The SURLS are
Bixyl Shuftan

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