Monday, July 25, 2022

How to Prevent And Deal With Doxing

By Angel Fencer

What is Doxing

Doxing is the unwanted sharing of personal identifying information(PII). It’s an illegal practice some people do. It its mostly with malicious intent.

The info includes but is not limited to:

Pictures of you in real life
Real life name
Date of birth

Motives of people who dox

Most people dox cause they disagree with the user. But sometimes there is an discriminatory motive behind it.

In my case, I am transgender and the doxers where trying to get me to end my life cause they disliked. I protected another trans person in a Discord VC.

I been Doxed HELP me

If your doxed please do the following:

1. Remove all personal information from Google refer to this article:

2. Private your Facebook and remove your real life information from any social media you can (or delete/privatize it).

3. Do not be afraid to take legal action Doxing is a criminal offense and you have all the rights to call the police and file legal lawsuits over this.

4. Do not give anything to the doxers. They likely WILL send your info regardless of you sending money and may ask a ransom. This is a scam, just report it to the police.

5. If your passwords are in the dox please change your password on all sites and use Lastpass,Dashlane or another password generator and only use a master password for them.

6. Avoid interaction with the doxers, they are dangerous as they have your information. AVOID contact.

7. Report the content to the platform it happened on.

8. Warn your neighbors and potentially move out of your house if your address in the leak

9. (Optional) Change your legal name

10. Change your phone number(if leaked)

    And remember you can contact me in SL or on Discord I am out to help people as much as I can you are not alone in this stay determined and strong don't let the doxers win.  

My own story of being doxed

So I've been doxed first by people of a certain anarchy server in Minecraft. Then later it was made worsen by transphobic users on Skeppy (A Minecraft trolling/prank channel’s Discord/Minecraft Server: Invadedlands) cause they hated I defended another trans person in the VC.

It all started when I was young I made a Minecraft account using my real name before I changed it a few times until my current one. Since Mojang and Namemc keeps history, they easily found my name then found my Facebook and got a picture of when I was 13, and my passwords by hacking my deceased Father’s Google account. It's despicable how they also doxed my Dad, my not so nice half brother and even drawn over the picture of my father after I dragged them into a Group chat on Discord with an friend who defended me. He later stated, "Do me a favor and not introduce me to these people there horrible and I want nothing to do with these insane freaks." I couldn't agree more about how delusional they are.

For security I won't include the logs as they include real-life info of me and my family. They've been spreading it on my old (now defunct) Discord server (I revived my old one and that one is still alive and active) after which I closed the server for good.

The amount of transphobic slurs in the chat and the fact they wanted me to end my life makes me worried they did this to other people who might not been so lucky as me.

These people did this on a platform known as Discord. While the platform is amazing, the fact they can make unlimited accounts using VPNs and such is terrifying, especially with the threats. Anyway they still are trying to get to me while I nearly forgot they existed as it was in 2017-2020 and I moved on from those clowns. I just wonder why they keep doing this to me while I just want to be left alone. They are really showing signs of psychopathy there. I just hope they get arrested before anyone gets hurt 'cause of them.

Still thinking of how he said "Its never safe with me around, better sleep with the pillow on the face tonight." I of course did not nor did I respond to them.

And a note to the doxers if they read this: Please stay FAR AWAY from me and my family! We won't hesitate to get you guys in a pickle if it's required for our safety. Also get a life besides harassing people online. Oh and see that network cable? Pull it out of your router before you get yourself in jail.

Angel Fencer

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