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Reader Submitted: "How To DJ The DJ Tantari Way - Chapter Five"

By Tantari Kim

"This is my guide for how to go from a newbie to a moderately successful DJ on Second Life. ...  If you do read it and have comments or corrections, I’d love to hear them.  (Mail me at at"

Continued from Chapter Four

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Chapter 5: How to Go Beyond the DJ Tantari Way

This is what I’ve learned so far.  There is so much more you can do.  You can do live beat matching and mixing.  You can loop sections of a track and layer them with four or more tracks at a time.  You can plug in a microphone and do voice overs.  You can upgrade from MIXXX to more “professional” commercial DJ software like Traktor or Virtual DJ.  You can use USB or MIDI based physical controllers instead of a keyboard and a mouse.  You can control vinyl turntables.  You can even go to real clubs and perform in person.  You can even compose and record your own original songs.  The sky is the limit!

There are so many places to learn.  You can find tons of videos on YouTube or other sites.  In my experience, DJs love to talk and compare notes.  We’ll talk about the craft, software, new music and artists, clubs, fans, network with each other, and so much more.  If you’re polite, we might even answer questions and offer advice.  Keep in mind that every DJ is different; we all have our own personal techniques and perspective on things.  What works for them might not work for you and vice versa.

Being Happy as a DJ

I know a lot of DJs who are reaching as high as they can with their craft.  I also know a lot who are happily doing the same thing over and over.  Many “pro DJs” won’t consider you to be a “real DJ” until you are doing live beat matching and mixing.  Who is right?

In my opinion, none of them is right.  Only you can decide what is right for you.

If this is your career and livelihood, then you should always be striving to reach higher levels, make better music, and reach bigger audiences.  That’s great!  I look forward to going to your sets, hearing your music, and cheering you on.

But what about the rest of us?  I think the vast majority of us are just doing this as a hobby.  That means we do this for fun.  Being a DJ is about being an artist and an entertainer.  If you and your audience are having a good time, then you’re a success.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Anyone who plays recorded music in front of a crowd is a DJ.  Anyone who makes them happy is a real DJ.

On the other hand, I always encourage you to try new things and learn.  Add new skills to your DJing tool belt and use them where you feel they’re appropriate.  Maybe you’ll find something cool and want to use it everywhere.  Maybe you’ll decide that it’s not for you.  Most likely, you’ll find a place for this new technique and use it where it’s appropriate according to your personal artistic sense.  Be yourself and be happy.

To quote Bruce Lee, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve had a lot of fun as a DJ.  It’s hard work, but I get to spend my time listening to great music, interacting with fans, and helping other people have a good time.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet and worth with a lot of great people.  It’s even brought me a little pocket change.  There are so many things in this world that are soul crushing.  I’m happy to have found something that is soul enriching.

I look forward to hearing what you make!  I’m a very busy person, but if you do start DJing and post a recording, I’d love to check it out!  Find me on Second Life as Tantari Kim, Mixcloud at or email me at (at)  If this guide helps you become a DJ, I'd be thrilled to hear about it.  Please let me know!

And come to one of my sets on Second Life.  It’s one thing to read about this.  It’s another to hear and experience it!

A truly great DJ can, just for a moment, make a whole room fall in love.  Life should have a soundtrack!

– DJ Tantari

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  1. And so, the seventh and last part of Tantari Kim's reader submission - the largest we at the Newser have gotten in our six and a half years. Not every artist can do well in a different field. Tantari turned out to be a good writer in addition to being a good entertainer by means of music. I have a feeling this isn't the last time we'll be getting something in print from her. Rock on foxy girl. :-)