Friday, March 11, 2016

The Lumiya Viewer : A 3D App For Second Life on Android

By Wesley Regenbogen

Since SL GO was ditched, there were not many options to stay connected to your Second Life friends on your smartphone or tablets.
I reviewed the Pocket Metaverse app ( both in free and paid versions ) but those were only messaging features, no 3D view of the world.
Now I use an Android smartphone in real life and I was looking for an app that almost delivered the same features, but I got more than I could ask for. The 3D view is preferably used when you have a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G or 4G connection.
The Lumiya Viewer app is a paid app in the Google Play Store. But it surely is worth the money.
The app was designed by Alina Lyvette , a long term resident of Second Life.
She did a nice job developing the app, It offers a nice set of features.
It’s a great way to keep in contact with your Second Life friends when you are not able to get near your computer or laptop.
Not only can you chat with your SL friends, you can also send IMs and create notecards and edit them.
Also receiving and sending L$ is possible from within the app.
The features of the app listed below ( taken from the website of Lumiya Viewer ) :

IM and Chat
Local chat
Private IMs
Sending and receiving teleport requests
Sending and receiving friend invitations
Sending and receiving Linden dollars
Group conversations and notices. 

Inventory Management
Inventory browsing and search
Using and creating landmarks
Copy, remove, and delete functions
Sharing items
Accepting inventory offers
Creating and editing notecards
Support for attachments in notecards
Viewing images from inventory.

Interaction with Objects
Touching and sitting on objects
Paying Linden dollars via objects
Rezzing objects and taking them back to inventory
Retrieve object contents

3D View
Sculpted objects
Flexible objects
Mesh objects and clothing
Avatars and avatar animations
Interacting with objects by touch
Floating text

Avatar Outfit Control
Wearing and removing clothes and attatchments
Using 'My Outfits'
Avatar texture baking
Ready for server-side baking
Multiple clothing layers and multiple attachments

Region minimap
Region restart for landowners
Chat and IM logging
Playing parcel sound streams
RLV functions (RLV API 1.10)

Not Yet Supported
Group management
Object and script editing
Uploading images

The app costs  2,16 Euros. It's unclear how much it costs in other countries. Please check in the Google Play Store for actual prices.
If you need support for the app, you can join the Second Life group called “Lumiya Support” .
For more information about the app, go to
If you use the app, a WiFi connection is recommended. An EDGE, 3G or 4G connection can work, but due to instability it is not advised.

Note that Lumiya has very limited feature set compared to official Second Life viewer. It is designed to be a supplement for your Second Life experience. You will most likely want to use another, more feature-rich viewer as a primary means to access Second Life grid. Official Second Life viewer is free and available for download at

In order to connect to Second Life grid, Lumiya will use your phone's data connection, which may cost you money. Second Life uses significant amounts of network traffic and bandwidth. Please check your data plan before using Lumiya.
Wesley Regenbogen

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  1. The app is no longer in Google play store it disapeared without notice not happy sense me and alot of other people paid to have it and now its gone