Friday, April 3, 2015

Commentary: The Boys From Brazil - The Megiddo

By Foxythejamie Resident

Brazilians, when most combat personnel hear or see the word, they think of cheaters and poor fighters. However this is not true with a group called Megiddo. This group is full of Brazilian fighters, as well as people from all over the world. The group is usually ranked as one of the worst, skill wise, but after witnessing countless raids, and defenses by this group, I can attest, this group is given a less than accurate rank. In fact, this group can not only hold its own against, but can even push back groups twice as large as it.

The very same groups that give this group a bad reputation, are the ones that this group deals the most damage to. From slamming them hard on the ground, to claiming air superiority over them in the air, this group is one of the best combat groups.

However, due to people giving it a hard time, even some of its members think poorly of their combat skills. Which is only because the group is mainly a Brazilian group. However, even if they're Brazilian, doesn't make them any less of a well oiled fighting machine.

The group works with tactics, and the members defend each other, while bettering themselves. This only proves how this group is one of the best, and bot just because they work well with each other, but also because they follow the most important rule of combat. Always keep your guard up.

However another thing that makes group one of the best is the fact that it's not run like a dictatorship. Everyone has a voice, and everyone is given a chance for greatness inside this group. All in all, this group is one of the best groups, if not the best group in all of Second Life Military Combat.


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  1. I am thankfull of such words, and I know you have knowledge to say them. The time you were with us gave you experience enough to see how unfair other groups were if the point were The Megiddo.