Monday, January 13, 2014


By Joshua Xavier

I have had a life long fascination with the architecture of churches and temples. As for the religions they house, not so much. Recently, a friend began forwarding e-mails called Daily Word to me. These were created by Unity Church. I liked them, because they fit my own philosophy, so I began to think about it more. I remembered seeing a Unitarian church in the Destination Guide, so returned there to get the landmark. The Guide gives a brief description.

Visit Unitarian Universalism, a community that focuses on a belief that there is a common thread of humanity that joins all of us. All are welcome at the services, held every Thursday at 6.30 p.m. (Pacific). At other times, you can sit in the quiet of the sanctuary or visit the coffee shop and library.

When I arrived there, I went in the visitors center. On one wall, there were seven gold plaques, which I took to be the principles of Unity. I found these to be so compatible with my own thinking, I actually looked to see if there were any Unitarian churches near my home in L.A.

One thing I noticed on UUtopia was the lack of walls, which also fits my way of thinking. There are many gathering buildings, with open air construction and circular seating. Among them, we find the Baha'i Center. The Baha'i and Unitarian are two separate religions, but share the same principles.

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth.” —Baha’u’llah

The buildings weren't the only beautiful thing. Although flying is permitted, it is much nicer to just walk. Everywhere you go, the scenery is like a well kept park, with fountains and waterfalls and gardens, with their sacred geometry.

In this place, there is no priest or minister to warn you of fire and brimstone if you do not listen to his interpretation of what God wants from you. Just being on this sim makes one feel closer to heaven. As I explored each area, I looked forward to the next delight. From the contemplative tree house, I could see some violet energy bursts, arranged above a circle on the ground. When I went and stood in the circle I felt somehow rejuvenated. I don't know how this could be so, or if that was what it was for. I can only suggest you go and test this rejuvenescence for yourself.

I saved the main meeting place for last. This is where the congregation meets on Thursday evenings. It is a natural setting, with no roof or walls. It makes other churches and temples seem like whitewashed tombs. The development of unity and oneness in Secondlife has always been an important part of why both Sha and I came and stay here. The UUtopia sim has done a masterful job of incorporating these ideals into the very geometry of the place.

In real life, I am a founder of a group called "The Keys of Knowledge" in which J.J.Dewey teaches. The group is dedicated to seeking higher principles to live by and gathering together in what is called "Molecular Order". Three samples of JJ's teachings, on this topic, taken from the group archives, follow.

"When we incarnate as humans we acquire a body which is composed of billions of tiny lives that are cooperating together in a molecular order so the lesser lives can have a greater experience through you, the greater life. Now it is time for the human race to do the same and prepare bodies of manifestation that will draw forth greater lives so we can individually go in consciousness where no human has gone before." - 

"We are all composite beings made of many lesser lives and to maintain the cohesive force to keep the lower lives together to maintain the higher, attention must be focused on the higher energies of soul. Without this attention and the drawing forth of spiritual power then the forces holding the lesser lives becomes diminished until, eventually, the lesser lives come apart and return to their native element. This produces a death or disintegration of the person as he is. This is comparable to a water molecule of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen which has been together for millions of years falling apart and returning to the two separate gasses of hydrogen and oxygen - no longer having the properties of water." -

"When we move from one kingdom to another we still keep our individual identity but we go through a process of fusion where the many become one with a greater life." - 

Joshua Xavier

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