Thursday, April 26, 2012

Return of the Trollop

While I was wondering in Mcarp land, I crashed into the next sim where I found that Maya Paris is getting a new build ready, but has placed her Crash Bang Trollop there for a fun time. This is an ocean, but under the ocean looking from above, I suspect I am settling on  parts of a body under the water with certain parts exposed. I grabbed the ZAP suit and got ready to crash bang!!Pick up a notecard to aid you.  
Maya’s directions read, “Run Wild,  turn up your sound and click everything!  Dodge the needlefish, tiptoe through the aggravated follicles, help those boobs escape the underwires, Wax on....and off....claw your way through the waters, dare to try the trollop-rocket? Spray yourself orange, and don't forget to Vajazzzzz.” 
Laughing Out Loud! It is hard to describe this build she has placed in the sim while she creates the new one that will be there until August. It is something you have to experience for yourself. All around the build you can search for free trollop gadgets that will aid you in your  traverse. I did not get to paint myself orange but tried everything else! Don’t miss it while you have a chance. I will let you know when the new build is up!
Gemma Cleanslate

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