Sunday, February 13, 2022

One Billion Rising

By Gemma Cleanslate

One Billion Rising in Second Life is back. ”For the tenth year, on February 14, 2022, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Rise, Resist and Unite as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change. “ To learn more read , “ “ 

In Second Life, it is a day of celebration of what can be. There are wonderful installations by many sl artists to visit and parties going on 24/7 for this one day only. As there is every year there was a video made last week. I did get to be in the dance team this year again. It is marvelous as usual thanks to great choreography by Guerilla Burlesque and friends.

Since I am a greeter I attended a meeting Friday to review the best way to make the visitors comfortable and help them find their way around the regions and how to get to the parties on the stage. I took a look at the stage which is the center of the four regions giving everyone lots of room to dance .

I checked out the poetry area which looks very comfortable and ready for attendees. That is a popular spot during the event for poetry readings and open mic. There is another stage for live performances and also a dj stage . The schedule looks pretty full!  On this page there is access to all the other videos from past years .

I came across ilyra chardin (Ilyra Chardin).. at her installation and asked if I could take a picture of her working.

The four corners have parks created by Briony Writer . Be sure to visit each one that is individual in character and lovely.

The staff for this event has so much work to do for one day . I find it amazing . The regions will be there longer so that you can get to visit all the artists’ installations and experience the messages of each.
When you arrive touch the kiosk for more information and enjoy the day.  If that is too busy try

Gemma Cleanslate

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