Monday, December 14, 2020

Winter Holiday Village and Love Valley

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was a little concerned when I had not seen any notice of Winter Holiday Village which is always a favorite  to visit for years. Finally notice came for the opening last week. This is  a great place for ice skating . Though scaled back in size this year it still is a marvelous experience.

The Ice Ballroom is there with the carousel and chairs for dining. You cant miss it as you skate by. It was good to see the Penguins marching by their part of the village.

Nearby on a hill stands Mrs Claus Bakery and Santa’s Workshop.  Look for the Reindeer Farm too where all sorts of reindeer are for sale .  Another crystal building holds Santa’s chair with his elves in attendance. Santa will be live there soon taking requests and photos. . There are many places to just sit and relax  or snuggle and watch the skaters as they move along the lake and rivers.

The stage stands on the ice too. There are many shows both live  and concerts and dj’s  going on every day right up to the Christmas eve. Join the group for notices or check the board for information.

One great activity is taking a ride Santa’s Magic Snow Owl. It takes you over all the venues and you get a good look . Look for free skates and also some good choices for skates with AO on sale. I will be going back for some skating.

There is also a Club near by you might want to check out on the same region. Santa eats there and they have a nice bar.

What a busy site I found went over to check out Winter Christmas Love Valley.

This is a place to go skating and touring with your honey and your friends. The skating there is great! The place glitters with falling snow and coated trees, and glistening ice. When I was there it was filled with 18 skaters, walkers and people just relaxing by fires and in little cuddles places.

If you are missing a skate AO,  no worries there are free skates and skate balls to help you . There is a cute North Pole area to hang around .Enjoy the tiny train ride around the tree .

Horse riding is fun here too along the snowy lanes . Bring your own or use the available horse rezzer. There is a  teleport board near the entrance that will take you off to any of these choices.  If you are looking for a place to take stunning photos, this is it! Pick up a notecard about the 2020 photo and film contest at the entrance “.Winter Love Valley Photo & Film Contest 2020 Win 15,000L” Lots to enjoy here!

Today , Wednesday the 9th, Patch and a bevy of Moles visited the Relay for Life Christmas Expo. Patch did duty listening to whatever the visiting populace of second life asked for. I wonder how much he could promise. The Moles were arrayed around him and stood patiently. I took some pictures .

Patch Linden in Santa's chair.

 Grumpy Mole  looking grumpy as usual .

Alotta Mole looking angelic ... unusual .

Gemma Cleanslate

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