Monday, February 25, 2019

My Alt And I : The Story of Bun Buns Bunsies

By Deaflegacy

I would like to tell you the story of my alt.  Her name is Bun Buns, but in real life, her full name is Bun Buns Bunsies, my stuffed toy rabbit.  I have known her for about three years when I decided to create an alt account in her name.  Ever since then, I have brought Bun Buns to life here in Second Life.

It is true that whenever I have a chance to bring Bun Buns to Second Life, she will come hopping to life, greeting her best friends, especially Bixyl Shuftan whom she adopted as an uncle.  I did ask Bixyl if it is okay that he would be an uncle to Bun Buns, and he said yes.  I'm glad that Bixyl gave it a chance at being Bun Buns' uncle.

But the reason why I created Bun Buns to start with is that during that time, I lost the actual doll.  I was told in real life that because the doll looked dirty, I had to throw her out.  I did everything to make her stay with me longer, but it was time for her to go.  With sadness, I threw the stuffed bunny in the garbage, but not before I made sure I would get another one.  At that time, I didn't know how, but I was determined to get another Bun Buns.

Sometimes later in real life, my two best friends surprised me with a new stuffed rabbit, which became the new Bun-Buns.  She is a green bunny, and is always in a good mood.  When I got the new doll, I immediately named her Bun Buns, and ever since then, she has been staying with me since.  Bun Buns the stuffed bunny would travel everywhere with me.  She is a small rabbit who could fit into my backpack with no problem.

I thought on the day I created the new alt account in Bun Buns' name, that it would means that Bun Buns would go on Second Life with me.  True enough, sometimes at night time, Bun Buns would come out into my living room here with me, and we'd have a talk with Bixyl as well as few other people. Among them, Bixyl's own alt Rezzdammit, whom has his own story about how he came to be here.

No, I don't regret making an alt account in Buns' name.  In fact, I'm glad that I got a chance to bring my favorite rabbit to Second Life. 

This is the story of how my alt, Bun Buns, came to life here on Second Life.


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