Friday, August 3, 2018

Reader Submitted: Collection of Places That Restrict Furry Avatars

By Lia (Female Winslet)

The sole purpose of this list is to help furries be able to explore Second Life without running into hostile receptions, including bans or being asked to leave because of their avatars. I understand that some owners may feel their restrictions are justified by a desire for historical accuracy, a certain ambience, or other reasons. The reasons for the restrictions are irrelevant and I do not pass judgment on them. I only note that they exist. However, because I do not want to reward these policies or encourage harassment or other bad behavior, I will not provide landmarks to their locations.

I have reviewed the TOS and this list appears to be completely legal. However, I want it to be very clear that this is ***not*** a list to be used for harassment, punishing, or otherwise acting badly. This is a list of places to avoid so that you don't get instantly ejected, banned, asked to leave, etc. No aggressive acts against any of these locations. If that becomes a problem, I will end this list.

The vendor, the list, and the script are copy and trans, but no mod. This way you can distribute copies of the list if you so desire. But the admonishment not to harass cannot be removed.

For questions, corrections, or to report other places that should be on the list, contact Lia (female.winslet). If you are an owner whose location has been erroneously included, please contact me to let me know and I will correct the list.

From the place profile: "No avatars under 60 days aloud [sic], no child avatars, only human avatars."

Aux Bains du Paradis
From the place profile: "Human avatars only."

From the place profile: "HUMAN AVATARS ONLY*

Berlin 1920
Excerpts from the SIM rules:
Our rules;
-1920s clothes only
-Realistic avatars only

-Animals shouldn't talk, walk on 2 legs, be half human, etc. And yes... in Berlin people didn't have wings, pointy ears, claws, vampire teeth, etc, except on stage.

Bogart's Jazz Club

This is a part of Frank's Place, which is one of the more well known anti-furry spots. Please see the entry for Frank's Place.

Cage and Cell Club
From the place profile: "Human avatars only."

Club Texas
The rules posted on the community forums include "No Furries."

The Dreamer's Island - Surf
From the place profile: "Human avatars only."

Fairweather Beach
From their place profile: "Human avatars only."

Feral Woods Beach and Farm
From their place profile: "Human avatars only."

Frank's Place
Franks The Elites and Franks Place Jazz Club do not allow non-human avatars to use these facilities. You may be ejected and banned if your avatar has any "non-human" features (tails, cat ears, ect.).

Frank's also has a notable reputation for homophobia.

The F**k SPOT - Gangbang and Bukkake Room - Human Avatars Only

They put it right in their name. 'Nuff said.

Gianfar Peaks of Pern
Pern roleplay community. Furries are okay as long as th-ey are not engaged in the roleplay at all. But only certain canon feral avatars are permitted to engage in the roleplay.

Golden Sunset Beach
From the place profile: Normal human avatars only[.]

Grandpa's Interracial Warehouse
From the place profile: "human avatars only."

Gregfield 1 and 2
From the place profile: HUMAN AVATARS ONLY!

Hook-Up Hall - "Let's Hook-Up" = %100 Human Only
From the place profile: %100 Human Avatars Only

House in the Woods
From the place profile: Adult human avatars only.

House of FED
From the place profile: FED Home of human only sadists and victims.

Isla de Amores
From the place profile: Human avatars only. No children or furries.

From the place profile: Human avatars only. Exceptions; wings and mermaid and mermen.

~ The Lounge: Jazz By The Bay ~

Cocktail/evening dress only. Quadraped avatars are deemed not compliant with the dress code because quad avatars do not wear clothes, so quad avatars are asked to leave. Anthro furries are allowed. Since there are multiple clubs with similar names, to be clear, this one is a jazz club founded by Xaphyre.Ansar. Xaphyre.Ansar confirmed the policy and called it discrimination.

From the place profile: Human avatars only.

Manatee Naturist
From the place profile: Human avatars only.

Masters/Mistresses Harem
From the place profile: "Human Avatars only!"

Playa Perdida
According to their place profile "Adult human avatars only[.]"

Pleasures XChange @ Serendipity CMNF
From the place profile: "Respect and tolerance is expected. Only human avatars."

Ramshackle Gentlemen's Club
From the place profile: "...NO animal Avie or Child Avies Human Avatars Only..."

Ritz New York City
Club owner says furries are "a problem" and not welcome at her venue. This is a venue created specially for RFL fund raising and RFL official policy does not tolerate this type of discrimination. Current status is unclear.

*Secret Life Lounge*
From the place profile:

From the place profile: "HUMAN AVATARS ONLY."

Tom's Prisoners
From the place profile: "Male human avatars only."

Tranquil Tiki Island
From the place profile: "Human avatars only and no weapons allowed."

Turtle Coast Adult Beach
Sim rules do not allow furry avatars. Neko is reportedly fine. Apparently sim management may be somewhat lax in enforcing the policy.

U N I F I E D - Adult MEN/MALE AVATARS Only Culture Connections:
From the place profile: Adult Human Male Avatars Only.

White Horse Hollow
Quote from sim rules:
~~~~ What is not allowed in our sims:
Bronies; Furries; Trolls - not welcome


* * * * *

Editor's Note: There was a small miscommunication with Lia when she handed me the list, I thinking she intended this for publication. As it turned out, she didn't. But she was okay with it.


  1. I was at Frank's a couple of months ago, several times. There was a regular with large bat wings, horns, a long devil tail. In an impressive vintage tuxedo. He was dancing with his slave, who also had wings. The club-host was on shift. The av with wings and his slave were never asked to leave as far as I could tell, during my visits.

  2. Similarly, I have often seen same-sex couples dancing at Frank's. They are never asked to leave.

  3. Well, I wasn't submitting it for publication, but I am fine with it being published. As far as Frank's goes, you can once in a while catch a host or hostess who lets things slide, but it is one of the most notorious venues in all of SL for furry discrimination and homophobia. I was able to verify their policy against furries on their official website, which has since been taken offline. If that's changed, I'd be very interested in hearing about it, but I would need something more than an anonymous internet comment to make me change the listing.


    1. Also, the SL wiki still says the following: "Franks The Elites and Franks Place Jazz Club do not allow non-human avatars to use these facilities. You may be ejected and banned if your avatar has any "non-human" features (tails, cat ears, ect.)."