Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reader Submitted: Codename: L.E.A.P.F.R.O.G.

By Eric Mouse

I have recently come up with this idea following a dream I had the morning of Sunday the 11th of September, which is right after the day trouble had struck the Surf's Up Beach Club on Sunny Beach from a location outside of it. The dream I got this idea from was about me being a vinyl frog or stuck in a vinyl frog suit while seemingly trapped somewhere unfamiliar and forced to do stuff for someone. It didn't appear that I was actually trapped there since I was able to leave the unfamiliar place I was in while taking something valuable with me.

After I woke up in bed the following morning, I started thinking about this and other things in response to Saturday's issues and the difficulties I had in trying to fix things. I ended up doing some creative thinking as well and came up with Codename: L.E.A.P.F.R.O.G. for a plan name with the ideas I have been thinking about (Loss Emergency And Planning For Relaxation Overtakes Gathering). Even though it is based from being a vinyl frog in the dream I had, the title of the plan is put in a format that is similar to the show called Codename: Kids Next Door that is about a kid run organization named KND.

The reason behind this, is because I have not only thinking about the need for relaxation at the last event gathering at the Surf's Up Beach Club, but also to work on resolving the issues that happened back on Saturday (the 10th of September) which first started with a number of people having problems TPing to the club. All I know is the sim was not at full capacity at the time and it was unknown to me as to what the cause was. Sometime later, I find out the next DJ was having music stream issues with the DJ Board and couldn't seem to figure out what's wrong. The only thing I could find out is someone *may* have forgotten to switch the music stream over to the other DJ.

Around that time, I also had stuff going on in RL on my end which I needed to tend to and needed to step away for a it. By the time I came back to check on things, I found everyone had already left as me, Lilly, and Elfin were the only ones left. At that time, I also noticed the contest board had never gotten switched over to allow voting for who the winning is going to be as it was still open for people to enter the contest. I and realized something else had gone wrong. Upon trying to find out what had happened to the DJ, I learned they have had several emergencies and couldn't do their job at the Surf's Up Beach Club.

All I could find out is they (had problems) in real-life as well as sim (trouble) happening elsewhere back on Purrfection which had nothing to do with the club or Sunny Beach in general. ... It seems I may have made things worse when I tried to investigate what the cause of this was and that the DJ in question might not come back. The only suggestion I have gotten at this point from a couple others, is to send out a group notice for the possible need for another DJ the next time there is going to be an event at the Surf's Up Beach Club.

To make sure something like this doesn't happen, I may need to have at least one backup DJ available to takeover at a moment's notice. I have also been thinking about the other things Mythica Woodland in Sunny Beach has as well that probably haven't been seen by many let alone talked about. Things such as is the cuddle and relaxation area by the fire and lake, the areas where you can sail around with a sailboat, the surfing wave on the northern end, the hilltop cannons that you can shoot cannonballs from, the possibility of a fishing area coming in, the under development mystical forest of light that could be for exploration and getting to see the moogles that are there.

What I feel, is I feel there is the need to begin incorporating the other ideas here into the weekly gatherings at the Surf's Up Beach Club by exploring the different areas that are available including any new ideas that may come up. Even though I'm not sure where exactly to begin with this, the wild west adventure I had with Becky got me thinking about role play ideas. This probably wouldn't be a problem with me as I have written a role play layout before, but yet properly show it to the public.

Erik Mouse

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