Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peace Valley Pet Cemetery

By Deaflegacy Darkbloom

The final resting place for pets. That's what Peace Valley Pet Cemetery is all about. It welcomes pet owners with open arms.  Anyone who comes by the pet cemetery would surely be overtaken by the pure beauty of it.  The pet cemetery gives pet owners many options to choose from when it comes to saying good bye to their beloved pets.

When I first got to the Peace Valley Pet Cemetery, I was taken back by the beauty of it.  One of the thoughts that came was, "Wow, this is what we need - a beautiful pet cemetery".  It's not just the beauty of it, it's also that the pet cemetery welcomes people with open arms.  They also have a church. Flowers and trees are everywhere, helping to beautify the grounds.  Even the church stood out because of the natural beauty. So if anyone who loses a pet wants to find the right pet cemetery, I would recommend the Peace Valley because of its beauty.

I can think of only a few words to describe it.  I can assure you that none of them are bad.  When I went to the Peace Valley Pet Cemetery, the thought was, "If I have a pet, and it passes, I would like to come to this pet cemetery to remember."  I don't say that too often because I'd like this to have a real reason to serve. 

Peace Valley Cemetery is an ideal place for owners to come and say farewell to their beloved late companions.  When I was there, the beauty was overwhelming.  I would have recommended this place to anyone who lost their pets.  For them, this is indeed the place to be; an ideal resting place for departed pets.

Peace Valley (137, 59, 54)

Deaflegacy Darkbloom

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