Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Farewell, Silver Fire

By Wesley Regenbogen

In October 2014, I decided to own a virtual horse in Second Life. I wrote a few articles on virtual horse riding and I “horsed around” a bit. I also rented a horse box for many months.
At first it was all a bit new to me, but Hope Driftwood, whom I gotten the virtual horse from, guided me along the way and supported me with everything concerning the rideable pet.
Thanks to her, I learned how to ride my virtual horse. At first I thought : “ Oh God, riding the horse with my avatar will be hard.” But I must admit, it’s not difficult at all. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to ride your virtual horse.
Providing your virtual horse with food, Amaretto food, because it’s a Amaretto horse that I had, is done at the Amaretto Main Store in Second Life. You just need to know which one to buy and buy, Salt Lick (for the horse's happiness level) and Breedable Food as well. Renting the virtual horse box costs L$ 800/month and the food costs L$ 144 and L$ 158. Hope Driftwood is a very nice person, who has always helped me out with the virtual horse thing.
Sadly, on January 3rd 2015 I decided to stop doing the virtual horse thing. I had to make this decision, because I have a land rental to pay in Second Life as well. So this is the “farewell” article for my former virtual horse called “Silver Fire”. If you want a virtual horse, you can contact Hope Driftwood in-world. She will tell you all about it. I would like to thank her a million times for her help.
To “Silver Fire” I say : “Thank you for being my virtual horse. I wave you farewell now and I hope another owner will give you a nice virtual life in Second Life”.
I think I made the right decision and I hope that “Silver Fire” finds a good owner once again.
Farewell, “Silver Fire” and may virtual life be well for you in the future.

Wesley Regenbogen

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