Thursday, June 26, 2014

Second Life Airlines

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

Whenever someone says Airport people think of long lines at security checkpoints, snobby flight attendants, and long cramped rides. However, in Second Life, that is not the case.

There is not just one group, or region, but a full group of groups, each with at least 1 region, that participate in SLA (Second Life Airlines).

Like airlines in real life, these airlines each have different policies, different insignias, different planes, and different colors. However, that doesn't mean they're enemies. They are actually on good terms with one another.

I have joined one airline in particular, HSA (Harmaa Susia Airlines). We are also known as the pack, as our mascot is a wolf. You will be able to read more about HSA in a few days when I crank out the next article, but I will tell you this, we are a family. We work together, and help one another.

Some other airlines are Pagliare Airlines, International Airlines, and Eagle Airways. Each has their own home airport, as does HSA, and each fly between the other airports, in their quest, to provide safe and comfortable travel for the passengers.

Each airlines is always hiring, and I can vouche for two of them. Eagle Airways, and HSA. These two welcomed me with open arms. If you're confused, then don't feel bad, I was too.

It all started about a day before I was hired by HSA. I was looking into joining an airline as a pilot. I met a friendly guy, who was the manager of Eagle Airways. At the time, I hadn't known what the group my friend and his buddies were in, and I thought it was Eagle.

The guy told me that the pilots must provide their own planes, but he tries to help out in getting their first plane. Well I was so pumped, until I saw the group tags over my friend's head, and over his friends' heads. They said HSA. So I asked them about it, and they explained that Eagle and HSA are different, but we still provide our own planes. However, the new pilots of HSA don't really get help getting their first plane, yet we can still use any plane that carries passengers.

Well I then had to explain the mix up to the guy at Eagle Airways, and I was amazed how professional he was about it, even in IMs. He wasn't mad at all. He was very understanding.

So if you ever wish to join an airline, or just ride in one, then come visit us. The parcel I was first taken to, is this one,

It would be great if you could come check it out. You will most definitely be pleased.

Theonlyjohnny Resident

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