Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Breezes Thoughts: "Twas an Old Lady ..." Part 3

Little old lady is disguised as a beauty gal walking through Arizona trails. She gasps in amazement  when she wandered into a town called Tombstone . Seeing many colorful baskets  that you can ride inside  and above the baskets all so many different big air balloons filled with Gas.  Gas, she thinks.  where they figure out how to fill Gas in a Balloon. Thinks must not be the kind of gas she knows.  Shuddering, she decides not to ask question .

Oh boy!  There she sees a balloon that is from the Apaches.  Let her describe it to you. It is a wigwam,  and the basket contains a campfire. She knows the tribe is talented in hunting and creations for headdresses and bracelets and necklaces and the making of beautiful dreamcatchers. But this balloon just thrills her.   Seeing more big balloons raising to the deep blue sky, is a sight to behold.

Higher and higher they go, flying oh so close the the mountain top and  - oops, hears a shot  from near where she stands. Seeing an outlaw with shotgun in hand.  Meanest man in the land, trying to pierce a balloon to the ground.

She hears the thunder of a posse coming to find the outlaw, but he flees to the hidden caves scattered round.  Time for  this little lady to run for her life.

Goodbye til next adventure.   July 4th 1899.

Breezes Babii

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