Saturday, November 24, 2012

Help, I Derendered the Wife!

The Relay for Life group chat has no shortage of funny moments. One prime example was one boast by Stingray Raymaker about wearing pantyhose next year if enough was raised that became known as "Stingray's Challenge." More recently was this bit of chat that began with a phrase that probably won't soon be forgotten.

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[06:59 PM]  zeeva Constantine: help!! how do I unrender an avatar ?
[07:00 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: I accidently derendered the wife!
[07:00 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: mute them, then they'll go to a cloud
[07:00 PM]  Windi [Windchaser Rhode]: o.O Too much scotch last night, Danger?
[07:00 PM]  Lori Claremont giggles
[07:00 PM]  Timmy Tennant: TMI
[07:00 PM]  Gem Sunkiller: ohhhhhhhhhhh man
[07:00 PM]  Lori Claremont: oopsie
[07:00 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: ohhh which viewer are you on?
[07:00 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash]: relog ?
[07:00 PM]  Dwen Dooley: rightclick menu?
[07:00 PM]  Sasha Fairywren: OOps
[07:00 PM]  Valerie Martynov: put the gun awas or you said unrender
[07:00 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: tried relogging  and i am on FS
[07:01 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash]: re render?
[07:01 PM]  Sasha Fairywren: firestorm.. Ok
[07:01 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash]: check mute list
[07:01 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: if you're on firestorm, it's World then down to asset blacklist. then, tp out and back in to where they are and you should be able to see them.
[07:01 PM]  Sasha Fairywren: That's a good first step
[07:01 PM]  Lori Claremont: Latest Firestorm, I believe you want World >> Asset Blacklist
[07:01 PM]  Lori Claremont: oh, what Alexandra said :-)
[07:02 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: <<  will never mess with buttons again
[07:02 PM]  Sasha Fairywren: That doesn't work, I'm sure several of us can walk you through the Develop menu
[07:02 PM]  Bain Finch [bainfinch]: Well, 1st relog, and shop for a dog house while your at it
[07:03 PM]  Zach Denimore: LMAO
[07:03 PM]  Panza Eilde punches Bain's arm, then snuggles back into them.
[07:03 PM]  Arizona Ballinger-Whiplash [Arizona Ballinger]: that is one of the funniest things I have heard..... I accidently  derendered the wife..... rofl
[07:03 PM]  Sasha Fairywren: LOL @ Bain
[07:03 PM]  Windi [Windchaser Rhode]: Messing around with buttons is a hatchie's job
[07:03 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: mhm and look for an sl florist cause I gotta feelin you're in deep crap.
[07:03 PM]  ƨραякℓℯ™ [sparkle Kling]: Do the usual... just tell her how beautiful she looks.... and pretend you can see her...
[07:03 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: umm, I would have if wasn't on voice
[07:03 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: thanks
[07:04 PM]  Windi [Windchaser Rhode] sharpens a claw or two
[07:04 PM]  Lori Claremont: take her shoe shopping immediately!!
[07:04 PM]  AHoffman Philly: I derendered my house once
[07:04 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: pfft !
[07:04 PM]  ι ℓøνємYPUSSSYCATღ   [Pusssycat Whitesong]: lol
[07:05 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash] learned the hard way never to rotate a house too close to a sim border
[07:05 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash]: specially one with like 1400 prims
[07:05 PM]  Windi [Windchaser Rhode]: rofl
[07:05 PM]  AHoffman Philly: ohno
[07:06 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash]: it was NOT pretty
[07:06 PM]  Alexandra Fallon makes sure Trader doesn't have her mod rights. *laughs*
[07:07 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: the wife just informed me I am grounded
[07:07 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: uh oh!
[07:07 PM]  Sasha Fairywren: I so bet!
[07:07 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: depending on what grounded means to her, that might ground her, too lol
[07:07 PM]  Lori Claremont: doubly so for referring to her as "the wife"........
[07:07 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: lol surely its better than the ball and chain
07:08 PM]  Lori Claremont: Depends on how the chains are being used :-D
[07:08 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: this Thursday we will have been together 2 years 6 month .. 2 years collared  ..
[07:08 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: trust me the wife is a compliment :P
[07:08 PM]  Bixyl Shuftan chuckles as he takes notes
[07:08 PM]  Lori Claremont: Congrats!!!
[07:09 PM]  Arizona Ballinger-Whiplash [Arizona Ballinger]: less the hour that you derendered her
[07:09 PM]  Lori Claremont giggles
[07:10 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: lol Arizona!!
[07:11 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash] is not going to say anything about when I derended arizona by mistake
[07:11 PM]  Gem Sunkiller: ::smirks::
[07:13 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash] is glad you cant hear our voice chat in here
[07:13 PM]  Arizona Ballinger-Whiplash [Arizona Ballinger] wonders what this mute button does ..hmmmm
[07:13 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine]: do it do it do it !!!
[07:14 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: oooh Trader's in troubleeeeeeeeee.
[07:15 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash] quotes Arizona " you derendered me"
[07:15 PM]  Alexandra Fallon: Trader's grounded. Trader's grounded.
[07:16 PM]  Trader Whiplash - Ballinger [Trader1 Whiplash]: But baby it was Fuzzballs Fault...  He and Madonna made me do it!
[07:16 PM]  Danger Mouse [zeeva Constantine] gets the popcorn

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A day later, Danger Mouse told me there was no problem with putting the chat up, adding "The wife still won't talk to me."

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