Monday, August 6, 2012

The Agapeo Roleplay Sim

Second Life is indeed a vast realm and recently I found a neat treasure as the roleplay sim Agepeo Seas. It was certainly a new experience. For starters, furry avatars are not allowed. Luckily I invested in a human avatar for my brahma yoga class for a certain class during the week.

When I talked with Agenor Resident, he talked about his sim being a very real role play environment. For example if there was a dispute within the game, it would not be handled by a moderator. Instead the person who felt he or she got the short of the end of the stick can go appeal to the king, which happens to be Agenor Resident. Also to add to the realism IM/s are blocked within the sim. For example when I tried to IM Bixyl, the owner of the SL Newser, from within Agenor’s sim it was blocked by the sim. That way people inside the sim aren’t turned into avatar stiffs standing still in an IM.

The backstory is that a king named Agenor sends his two sons as scouts to search for his daughter Europa. When they do not return, the king and his army discover an island named Agapeo as they search through South Africa. When staying at the island, the king and his men discover there are many different women  of different races living there on the Island, teasing them in their dreams at night.

What do you roleplay in this sim? Basically it is a Gorean environment where women are treated as property and be captured by men. But don’t be fooled. Women have the ability to fight as well the men. One of the times I was knocked out, it was done by women. Also to balance the role play environment: men can be killed, women cannot. However women can become pregnant. But capturing a woman doesn’t mean you automatically get her. She could easily roleplay breaking the leash and run away making the hunter or bull chase her again. I used the example of "Fox and the Hound," the Disney movie, to Agenor and he said that’s a good analogy to describe his sim. But beware the fox can hunt the hound back as I learned in exploring the Agapeo sim.

When you arrive at the sim there’s a large shopping area various adult skins and sex related poseballs and weapon vendors. Being new there was a lot to absorb. Following some steps like buying a HUD and clicking to a free rp meter. Also you have to be using an RLV viewer like Singularity, or else you will not be able to teleport to the main sim.

When I finally got the correct HUD and everything together. One of the steps was joining the group and loading an rp meter. Joining the group itself was free. I was able to teleport down and I thought it would be a bright idea to teleport down without clothes or a weapon. Luckily some women who were ooc (out of character) advised me this was a bad idea as I would get shot down right away. I looked around at the vendors and found an eagle bow package for the price of 600L or so. Next I bought a HUD that I would need to involve myself for sexual roleplay for any woman that I captured via knocking her out with stone arrows for 125L.

When I got my bow and HUD together playing around with it then I teleported down now that I was able to do battle with the bulls and hunters of the sim also to knock out any woman. When you teleport down it looks like a wild forest area with wildflowers and trees the graphics were great adding to the realistic feel of the environment. The men and women were scantily clad or some cases fully nude. I played along wearing pants with my bow but no shirt.

The bow HUD had a radar system that allowed me to track down women which I was having with in this roleplay environment. Later I was chided however for shooting down two women at once and being selfish I got the woman’s meaning. I was new to this so any help was welcome. Eventually I ran into a pair of women equipped with bows and they knocked me out. When you are knocked out you are unable to move and anything you type just comes out in dots like “…” A minute or so later you receive a message that you feel groggy and get back up, but not with full health.

For men only, if a person knocks you out and then attacks you while you’re unconscious, you end up dead. Which has the consequence of being banned from the sim for a half hour. Not like the ban of being banned from a club. Also you lose any women you may have obtained by hunting them. Kind of hard for someone to own something or someone when you no longer live. Also someone could be branded for breaking one of the king’s laws, so the king places a bounty on someone’s head so everyone would want to hunt down the now infamous “Sam resident” for the linden reward. When Sam would be killed he is then banned for a full three days not the usual ½ hour. Everyone could see Sam is branded by a certain tattoo on his body.

Agenor explained the difference between hunters and bulls. Bulls just want to impregnate women; Hunters are more interested in gaining women as property. Another interesting thing about the sim was there was a board offering selling a hunter’s woman for a linden price. I remember seeing one at around 6k. That’s a steep price in my opinion like a tail sale when bidding on a furry.

Agenor’s sim overall is a very unique experience as a whole new world within Second Life. What’s a plus too is when I started people were there to give a hand helping me get started. Agenor also mentioned when his first land owner in SL bankrupted the people who supported him donated 100,000L to get a sim back up so his fellow roleplayers could play in their fave sim once again.

Anyone is welcome to give Agenor’s sim a try, with lots of people to help you get lost. Just don’t get upset if you shoot the wrong person and next thing you know your character is banned for a ½ hour. It’s all part of the roleplaying experience.

Grease Coakes

Editors Note: Hat tip to YT Recreant of Mama Allpa.


  1. What the writer of this article didn't know about, was that Apagepo then screwed over the people who helped him get re-started, banning them from the sim. He routinely causes drama in the chat that makes it an unpleasant place to be. I personally was banned because I dared to ask the "King" a question directly which he refused to answer and instead stood there watching the drama roll, and I think he enjoyed it. The king has says repeatedly in his rules that this is not a Gor sim, yet now this article claims it is. So which is it? If you are a GOOD roleplayer, a paraposter that likes to follow the rules of decent RP, and not have people just start firing into a hut where people are having an agreed upon RP without giving any warning, this is NOT the sim for you. There are better ones out there that have moderators to help you if there is a problem and keep the drama to a minimum. However if you like drama, posts like "F**k me please, Oh baby oh baby" knock you self out Agapeo is the place for you.

    1. If you had taken your time to read the many notecards the King wrote, you would have known that it is not a Role Play sim. The King calls it Real Play, that means everything has to be played out, even drama's and such like. He evens says that the sim is not ideally suited for para roleplay. You are just the typical sl resident who goes somewhere, refuses to read about the sim, wants to play his/her own little game and then gets upset when it turns out different.

  2. While there are a lot of good things to say about Agapeo Seas, there are some problems with it. If you are looking for a genuine RP sim, this is probably not the first place to look. The idea is supposedly that Real Play allows for a more immersive RP experience by eliminating the IMs, maps, name tags, and avatar names in chat.

    What happens instead is that, for those who enjoy detailed paragraph RP, the Brandeds (a high level role who can shoot at the men without being shot at first) will target men standing and RPing a conversation and knock them out; the bulls do this, too. When a Para-RPer complains about the scene being interupted, they are told "This is RealPlay, not role play." This usually happens, of course, after a scene has been ruined and a person knocked out or killed, often before they even have a chance to draw their weapon and defend themself.

    The sim is beautifully designed, yes, and a lot of RP potential has been built into the design, backstory, and laws. However, while there are a number of excellent RPers who play here, there are a number of mediocre ones who hide behind the laws of the land to cover their lack of effort. Many of the offenders do this, until their own scene is which point they use the laws to slap the person or people who dared act like them.

    Because of this, I would say that, in many ways, Agapeo Seas is just a moderate improvement on your run of the mill, fantasy-based hunt sim. Serious RP is discouraged in favor of the hunt theme rather than utilizing the tools to develop a more thorough, comprehensive, erotica-heavy sim. If you are looking for a serious place to create broad story arcs, you may end up being in the crosshairs.

    Additionally, some of the business practices are a bit questionable. The initial pregnancy HUD that was developed for the sim was returned to the developer and that developer banned, without warning, in favor of the more well-known Mama Alpa. While the sim owner certainly has the right to change vendors, the tales of Agapeo Seas owner acting unprofessionally toward others (including his players) are numerous.

    1. Again someone not bothered to read the notecards. IT IS NOT A ROLEPLAY SIM!

  3. This is a not so very good review. If you have read the notecards then you would have known that the Sim is not part of Gor. There are just some references to Gor. You would also have read that this is real play and not rolelay, and that radar huds to track down women are not allowed. And being selfish for capturing 2 women? The sim is all baout the straongest survivor, if you can handle two then keep two. And much more in this review that made my skin crawl.