Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bryn Oh’s “Standby”

Virtual artist Bryn Oh recently completed the third part of her “Rabbicorn” story: “Standby.” Like "The Rabicorn" last year, it is made up of a series of displays of sculptures, each with a poem describing it’s part of the story.

“Standby is the third and final part to the Rabbicorn story,” Bryn wrote in a notecard,”I strongly suggest you watch these two machinima if you are unfamiliar with the story. Better yet would be to go through the builds themselves. I have put both the Rabbicorn story and the Daughter of Gears physical builds on Immersiva, (202, 146, 1151). I have also written up both on my blog where you can watch the machinima if you prefer to do it that way.”

Also in the notecard, Bryn Oh described herself as “a metaverse artist who is meant to exist only online. She is a concept, a pixel character who inhabits the virtual world of Second Life. The idea is to see if a virtual identity can succeed within the real world of flesh and blood artists.” Her blog describes the real-life artist as a Toronto oil painter.

I went to the location of the Standby exhibit, the entrance leading to an abandoned theater. Getting past that, I ran into the introduction of Standby, and found Bryn there, chatting with a few friends who came by. “The whole presentation is fantastic,” she was told, “Thank you for putting it together. I loved it very much.” She turned to me after some time with her friends, “This is my final part to the story,” she told me. I asked her if she planned this while doing the earlier Rabbicorn story, or did it come after? “No,” she told me, “this was all planned a few years ago when I did the ‘Daughter of Gears.’ “ She explained building all of the displays, “took about two months and ... 14,996 prims. The poems took a few months as well ... This is a special build for me. I wanted to be sure it was exactly how I wanted it.”

“Artistically, it is the most advanced,” Bryn explained, “and uses most of the unique traits of Second Life as an art medium. The scope of it is far more than anything i have done before. It began in 2008, where most of my builds are generally one-offs, though they are connected to this story but satelite builds.”

The story, through the exhibits, describes the Daughter of Gears and the Rabicorn, the best of friends, going out to to explore. Each one has a teleport to the next., progressing the story. The final scenes are a touching show of friendship.

.: I fell in love one afternoon
.: and wrote your name on a white balloon
.: I set it free to fly above
.: and dreamt it was a flying dove

Well-detailed, the exhibition can only be described as must-see by those interested in the art scene in Second Life.

"Standby" is located at IBM Exhibit A at (210, 209, 20). You can first check the Youtube trailer Here.

Bryn O's blog is located here:

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