Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Santa Claus Is Missing: Part One

By Mylie Foxclaw

I was busy planning a defence strategy with Glu-Glu the turkey (refer to the thanksgiving dinner story).  We decided that encouraging people to eat tofu instead of turkey might be a good tactic.  Besides it was a healthy option.  Suddenly the doorbell rang and I went to answer the door.  We were expecting our protest banners to be delivered, but I was surprised as I opened the door.  Standing in front of me were Rudolph the Reindeer, and Roan the Elf.  Glu-Glu, fearing that Santa Claus was hungry, went to hide in the closet while I invited them inside.

“Err… isn’t it too early for presents?” I asked, scratching my head in confusion.  Christmas is supposed to be on the 25th December… maybe the date changed.

“Santa is missing!” Roan exclaimed while Rudolph sobbed, “We need your help!”

“What?  Santa is missing?!” I cried out in shock, “No way!  He can’t go missing!”

“He has disappeared!” Roan explained, “We can’t find him!  Someone must have kidnapped him!”

“Oh my god!” I muttered, totally shaken by the news, “We need to find Santa!  Else Christmas will be ruined!”

Rudolph nodded while Roan continued.  I could feel the desperation in his voice, “Please!  Help us.  Santa might be in great danger.  We need to save him before it’s too late!”

“Of course, I will help you!  Let me just call Fox News, my boss, he is a good investigator and…” I started.

“Noooooo!!!!!” Roan screamed while Rudolph ran outside in fear.  Glu-Glu started to protest from his hideout. 

“But why?” I asked, wondering why they reacted as such.

“He scares the penguins away with his teeth,” Roan whispered, “When he came to visit last year to interview Santa, they all ran away to South Pole…”

“Okay, fine!” I snapped, “Let’s get going then.  I have to investigate.”

Rudolph came back and off we flew to the North Pole.  It took us a few hours to reach there.  We soon pulled in front of Santa’s magnificent house.  I wrapped my arms around myself as I followed Roan.  We got inside the house and I was amazed.  Everything looked so tidy.  The letters were in neat piles and we could see other Elves working in a corner of the room.  

Roan took me to Santa’s bedroom and I started to investigate.  Everything looked normal; there was no sign of struggle.  I went to his bathroom and noticed that it was very clean and organised.  I was amused to notice a razor since Santa has such a long and bushy beard but Roan explained that Santa liked to shave his legs every Christmas Eve and likes smooth legs.

After an hour, we left the house and I told Roan that I needed to talk to everyone who stayed nearby so we could find a clue.  I started to interrogate the snowman who worked as a vigil. 

“When was the last time you have seen Santa?”  I asked.

“It must have been yesterday night,” the snowman replied, sounding very annoyed, “the bastard snatched my nose and bit into it.”  He pulled out his carrot nose and indeed, I could see that a part of it was missing.  It looked like someone really had a bite. 

“Are you sure it was Santa?” I pressed on, trying to find more clues.

“Ha!  Yes, it was that old fat jerk!  He got no respect for snowmen!” the snowman replied before adding, “He tried to melt me once with his blow-dryer!  I’m so glad he’s gone!”

I starred at the snowman suspiciously for a moment before deciding to interrogate a penguin.  The latter told me that he saw Santa early this morning.  Apparently, Santa threatened to sell all the fish so that he could buy himself a huge Jacuzzi.  The penguin became another suspect. 

By the end of the day, it turned out that almost everyone in Santa’s neighbourhood had a grudge against him.  My list of suspects grew extensively.  Santa’s wife, the elves, the other reindeers, the snowmen, the polar bears and other creatures were all suspects in Santa’s disappearance.

I was not going to give up.  No matter what I learned about that mean old guy, I knew that we had to find Santa, else there would be no Christmas!

What happened to Santa?  Has he been kidnapped?  By whom? Is he still alive?  Stay tuned for the next episode of this story.

Mylie Foxclaw

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