Saturday, August 17, 2013

Breezes Thoughts: The Wolf - Part 2

I woke in a daze, I had been thrown from my horse as he stumbled while jumping a fence.My head was spinning and there were flashes of light, when all of a sudden, a big dark shadow appeared  coming near me. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw my Wolfie, warily coming to me.  I saw his yellow eyes glaring around, I had blood on my gown and the look in his eyes was a sight to see. He was snarling and snapping his teeth. The howl he let loose was a mournful sound.He hunched over to lift my head and then he gathered me in his powerful limbs, he stood, and looked around very carefully.  He sensed the hunters were looking for me. I had not returned to my home for quite a spell.  If the hunters saw him carrying me, they would shoot to kill of this I know.  They would never believe this werewolf was actually caring for me.

The darkness hid him well, but soon the day would break  and he must be hidden away.    I wondered what he could look like beneath that skin of a werewolf.  How do I know he must be a fine man to care this much to risk his life to take me home.

Well, I had read my books of history and discovered many things I never understood before. Taking account of  humans and such,  I know there is good and bad  among everything on this earth. I feel no evil when Wolfie is around. knowing he probably would not be pleased with the name I called him.

He loped quickly through the trees and  crossed many roads as fast as could be.  We came to home, and quickly he rushed me to my room  and lay me down with a sadness in his eyes, I looked at him and weakly said, "Run for your life now... please do go." growling, he turned away.

I later  heard a great howling atop the mountains not to far away. I knew he was letting me know he was safe  and this gives me great happiness. who else can say of this from a creature hardly none do know. 

Breezes Babii

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