Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reader Submitted: Game Review - World of Warcraft

By Nydia Tungsten

While I claim to be a gamer I do NOT claim to be a good one, I game to have fun, NOT to prove I am the best, I am more than likely to complement you on the way you killed me than to cuss the fact that you killed me, hell it’s how we learn, THAT said you will now know where I am coming from gaming wise and I hope you try every game I review to see for yourself, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t just remember what games are for, having fun, and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

I have been playing WOW off and on for almost….(have to think here)…I would have to say… almost ten years….(holy cow)  Do I have any level 90’s? Pfffft! not even close! But I do have a lot of levels between 20 and 70 and I enjoyed every min. I have 3 guilds and 2 servers and in a 4rth with my SL family The Sunweavers where I play with the Fox Newshound himself, Bixyl, and the original Micro Kitty Lomgren Smalls, as well as others from the Sunweavers.

Now in ALL the years I have been playing, I have found one thing to be true. With any and I mean ANY type of MMO you have WAY more fun if you have friends with you.

Unlike 90% of the games I play, WoW is a paid game. You can either have a reoccurring bank charge or do like I do and get the prepaid cards when you can afford them, when you can’t your account will be blocked or frozen.

But Blizzard keeps it in their system for a LONG time, I was inactive for 3 years and thought I would have to start all over. NOPE! The boys at Blizzard kept my data and account right there ready for me when I was.

When you first start you will end up on a creation page like this with ALL the Races and Classes and sexes. It can be overwhelming to some, but take a deep breath, it WILL help you through it. There is the “more info” button. It will tell you about the race and class you have highlighted.

I have always chosen the oddball races. I started with the Draenei (Space goats LOL). I loved the fact they had tails. Then came the Worgen. I was so disappointed that they had no tails. Then came the Pandaren. YAY! They could have a tail!

Then you go through what seem the endless choices for your appearance, just like in SL you can choose who YOU want to be!

And once done with all that, you get to face the


.... finding a name that ISN'T taken.

Now you have your character all set the way you want it. A name you like, then you click play and you are sent deep into the story line you chose.

I think it is important to listen and learn from the narration as you fly to your new body to your first quest, which is pretty easy, most of them are set to teach you how to move and defend yourself before you leave the newbies area. Once done there, you find a wonderful word to explore and have fun with, there are some pretty crazy quests,  with all kinds of pop culture references, one of my favorites is the  “Rambo” quest. I won’t spoil it but when you find it you will know.

So I give this game a BIG thumbs up and recommend it. Find some friends that play and have a ball, good luck and Good Hunting to you!

Nydia Tungsten

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  1. There's a recent update to Wow that includes an interesting plot twist, "The Darkspear Rebellion," in which both Horde and Alliance characters can take part in. As I have a Level 90 Worgen, and a Troll that's almost 90, expect an article on it soon.